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It might be implemented in the future, but a release date is not foreseeable.
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The La'uo system is a star system made up of one star and four planets, two asteroid belt and has three jump points. La'uo IV is the only stellar object outside of the green band, and La'uo I is a evaporating planet that has moved to a orbit so close to the star that it is being destroyed it.

With an expanding red giant at its center, the UEE happily ceded this Perry Line system to the Xi'an. Today, it is best known for the officially-sanctioned piracy that occurs here. Accepting that crime will always exist, the Xi'an Empire authorizes select criminal gangs to operate under certain conditions. That does not mean it is a lawless system. Unauthorized criminals caught operating here will incur the wrath of both the Xi'an government and the system's sanctioned gangs.

–ARK Starmap




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La'uo I

La'uo II

La'uo III

La'uo IV

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La'uo Belt Alpha

La'uo Belt Beta

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