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This article is about a character, item or feature that was mentioned in official sources but is not implemented to the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen.
It might be implemented in the future, but a release date is not foreseeable.
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The Kyuk'ya system is a binary star star system, made up off a white dwarf and a degenerate white dwarf positioned relatively close to each other. The stars have two planets in its orbit within the green band as well as four jump points.

A binary star system on the border of Human and Xi'an space, Indra is a former Perry Line system that the Xi'an have designated as a vibrant and diverse shipping hub where capital ships dock to unload cargo for transport deeper into Xi'an space. This free flow of trade has led to more relaxed security protocols than other Xi'an systems. It has also become a popular destination among Xi'an youth looking to experience Human culture without fully venturing into UEE territory.

–ARK Starmap




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Kyuk'ya I

Kyuk'ya II

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Kyuk'ya Belt Alpha

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