Klaus & Werner (K&W) was established by Hector Klaus, a weapons inventor previously employed in Behring's Terra weapons lab, and Jassica Werner, the widow of a wealthy industrialist. Its founding philosophy was that weapons should be produced with as few moving parts as possible, reducing the supply chain and the need for replacement parts. It is unusual among weapons manufacturers in having eschewed the diversification favoured by other firms, and focussing solely on armaments. It has been highly successful in the civilian and personal arms markets, but has been unable to break into the market for military supplies.[1]

Laser based ship weapons

Klaus & Werner's line of CF laser repeaters are based on the principle of delivering as many hits as possible to a wide area of the target, rather than pinpoint precision. There are three primary models of CF repeaters, all of which are available through the Voyager Direct store.

The entry level repeater is the CF-007 Bulldog. It features a three-barrel sequential fire design which is capable of high rates of power while maintaining a good degree of accuracy. The low overall damage rate is countered by limited power consumption.

The mid-range weapon is the CF-117 Badger, which is a Bulldog with better tuning and some cosmetic upgrades. It produces a poor power-to-damage ratio.

The CF-227 Panther is the high-end model, which produces a respectable power consumption to damage ratio compared to the Bulldog and Badger. Its primary limitation is in power efficiency.

The CF-337 Rhino

Mass Drivers

K&W's mass drivers are capable of firing multiple types of ammunition and generally offer better shield penetration than the laser repeaters in exchange for requiring ammunition reloads. The weapon characteristics are ideal for pilots looking to conserve power and limit their EM signature, although they suffer somewhat from a limited magazine. Recent years have seen sharp increases in sales of this weapon line, probably due to increased Vanduul attacks.


The most popular model produced by Klaus & Werner is the Model II Arclight, a handheld laser made famous as Kyle Fenris’ sidearm on the hit Vid-Show The Frontier[2]. Arclights are durable and the lack of moving parts means that they survive in a number of extreme environments that would freeze or otherwise disable many of their peers.

Klaus & Werner also produce the ATT-4, a laser assault rifle developed with a 300 round magazine, with a range of 100m.[3] [4]

They also have a popular line of auto-lasers named TX which have higher refresh rates without diminished individual shot power.  In 2942, the latest model TX-3 entered field-testing.[5]


Ship Weapons

Personal Weapons

Stock ship installation

K&W weapons are installed on stock variants of a number of ships:

  • The CF-007 Bulldog is installed on the stock Aurora LN, Hornet F7A, F7C-S Hornet Ghost, and F7C-S Hornet Tracker
  • The CF-117 Badger is installed on the stock Hornet F7C, Hornet F7A, and F7C-M Super Hornet
  • The CF-337 Rhino is installed on the Constellations Andromeda and Aquila
  • The Zestroyer Railgun is installed on the stock Idris-M


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