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The Kilian System is the construction yard for the mighty UEE Navy and the birthplace of the Bengal-class carrier. Scores of shipyards work 24/7 building and restoring destroyers, orbital stations, planetary defenses and other space assets.

As with any navy base, merchants can make a killing offering less-than-legal entertainment options… but anyone thinking to ship in anything - especially harmful items - under the collective eyes of the bulk of UEE Navy will not last long as a smuggler. On the legal side, Kilian is always in need of raw materials for starship hulls and spare parts for operating the fleet. There are even shipping contracts available to civilians willing to bring munitions constructed elsewhere.

Several spacecraft companies maintain formal showrooms in the Kilian System, including Roberts Space Industries and Anvil Aerospace.

Located near the eastern systems, Kilian also acts as a basic training ground for recruits from Terra, and is the source of the traditional space chantey, “Off to Kilian’s Fields.”

Outer Planets

Kilian X through Kilian XIV are uninhabitable. Kilian X has a thin atmosphere and a dense mineral-rich surface. Metal rights to the planet are currently locked in an ongoing court battle, so only claim hoppers need apply... and the massive military in the region makes that an unappealing prospect for all but the boldest miners. Kilian XI is a gas giant which is used primarily for in-system fuel supply. Automated harvester platforms surround the planet, gathering resources for UEE shipyards. Kilian XII and XIV are small, essentially dead worlds of little interest. Kilian XIII, sometimes called a "haunted planet," does feature an impressive smoky-quartz surface that looks like nothing else in the galaxy.

InfoAgents in System


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