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Ivar Messer was an army officer who rose to prominence in the First Tevarin War[1] By 2546, he had risen to the rank of High General and was elected as Prime Citizen, following bombings and riots on Cestulus. Messer then consolidated power to himself, and transformed the position of Prime Citizen to Imperator of the United Empire of Earth. Messer's ascension to Imperator instituted nearly 250 years of Imperial Rule.

Early life[]

Political career[]

Rise to prominence[]

Messer originally entered the public consciousness in the First Tevarin War. He participated in the Battle of Idris IV in 2544, where he was a Captain in the 112th Battalions Charlie company, taking over command of the company when his commanding officer was killed in action. His company secured control of a prototype planetary defense system which had been devastating the UPE fleet, and decisively turned the course of the battle in favour of the humans.[2] After acquiring fame at Idris IV, Messer was subsequently made the face of the war against the Tevarin.[1] In 2545, he was responsible for bringing the captured Tevarin leader to the floor of the United Planets of Earth.[3]

Prime Citizen[]

By the end of the Tevarin War, in 2546, Messer had risen to the rank of High General, the most senior position in the UPE armed forces. Through 2545, there had been a series of terrorist attacks on Cestulus which had collapsed a number of the planet's biodomes, and which was followed by further terrorist attacks across the UPE; the perpetrators of these attacks have never been determined.[4] Messer then proposed that there should henceforth be a single Prime Citizen, who would make all decisions on the advice of other branches of government and the military. After a number of other candidates had put their name forward, Messer himself stood as a candidate for Prime Citizen, and was elected after giving his famous Messer Speech.[5]




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