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The Issue Council is a public bug reporting system, used for the community to report bugs in game. There are three stages: Triage, Confirmed, and Acknowledged. A ticket must need at least nine other players to confirm the issue within thirty days, then the ticket's status will become "Confirmed", and CIG developers will look at the bug report. The ticket will then become "Acknowledged"[1].

After the ticket is confirmed, other players will have the choice of voting on the issue, which decides which issue should be prioritized.

A player must have bought a game package before able to contribute in the issue council.

If there is insufficient confirmation submitted within thirty days, the post will become "expired". If a post is invalid, and confirmed invalid by majority of others, the post will be marked "Invalid".

There are two separate "modules" of the issue council[2]. One dedicated to game related issue, and the other for website related issue.

Other players can contribute by confirming bugs that others have submitted. The more contributions a player has, the higher chance they will be invited to the PTU (Persistent Test Universe) where they will be able to test out new features before the build being released to the public.

The Issue Council is a community-driven tool in which users:

  • Report on issues that they encounter while playing the game.
  • Attempt to replicate issue reports created by their peers.
  • Prioritize valid issue reports to help CIG developers decide which issues to investigate.