The Invictus Launch Week 2951 is held May 21 to June 1, 2021. During the event various space ships and land vehicles can be rented for free from exhibitors at the expo in New Babbage. And the UEES War Hammer, a UEE Navy Javelin, will dock at INS-Jericho and can be toured. Drake Interplanetary is, because of their negative history, the only manufacturer that is not directly participating at Invictus but will instead showcase its ships at DefenseCon 2951.

Star Citizen will be free to play from May 22 to June 3, 2021.[1]

About Invictus[edit | edit source]

Invictus is a annual event that celebrates the graduation of the latest class of UEEN officers and pilots, and also the beginning of a new class of recruits.[2] In addition manufacturers showcase their ships and vehicles at a expo.

Events[edit | edit source]

Day 1 & 2[edit | edit source]


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Invictus Launch Fleet[edit | edit source]

As part of the celebration the UEE Navy has a naval parade in space, the fleet will have a Javelin among other ships. The fleet will visit space stations in alternating order and the Javelin will offer a tour on board.[3]

Test-fly schedule[edit | edit source]

During Invictus Launch Week a selection of space ships and land vehicles can be rented for free from companies that take part in the expo as exhibitors at Tobin Expo Center in New Babbage, microTech.

Day Date Exhibitor Free ship rentals Location
1/2 May 21/22, 2021 Argo Astronautics
Consolidated Outland
Origin Jumpworks
Roberts Space Industries

Argo: ?
Consolidated: ?
Origin: ?

Hall ?
3/4 May 23/24, 2021 Aegis Dynamics ? Hall ?
5/6 May 25/26, 2021 Crusader Industries
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern
Tumbril Land Systems

Crusader: ?
Tumbril: ?

Hall ?
7/8 May 27/28, 2021 Anvil Aerospace ? Hall ?

Commemorative items[edit | edit source]

In game clothing items that are only available during Invictus Launch Week 2951.

Name Type Name Type
40px Invictus Flyby Shirt Blue Shirt 40px Invictus Hat Blue Hat
Invictus Flight Jacket.png Invictus Flight Jacket Jacket

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References[edit | edit source]

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