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The Invictus Launch Week 2950 was a in-game event that was held from 22nd May to 2nd June 2020, it featured a convention at the Bevic Convention Center in Area18 on ArcCorp that showcased many of the military type ships used by the United Empire of Earth military and also had a parade in space, the Invictus Launch Fleet, that alternately visited every planetary space station in the Stanton system.[1][2][3]

Invictus Launch Week 2950 themed clothing was offered at in-game traders and Star Citizen was free to play (free-fly) during the event and all of the ships displayed at the expo could be rented cost free for a duration of 24-hours.

The Cutlass Blue was released at the kick-off of the Invictus Launch Week 2950.

The UEE uses Invictus Launch Week as an opportunity to not only congratulate the latest graduating class of starmen and pilots, but also celebrate this newest group of recruits gathering to set off for training. All over the empire, sons, daughters, partners, brothers, and sisters say goodbye to their loved ones before embarking to MacArthur to start their next journey in life:

The adventure of service in the UEE military.

During this time, naval vessels dock around the empire and let the populace see these brave defenders and awe-inspiring ships up close. Invictus is also a wonderful opportunity for the community to come together with local governments, businesses, and law enforcement to talk about planetary security and outreach.

When did Invictus start?

This may come as a surprise, but Invictus actually goes back several centuries to the days when the UEE was known as the United Planets of Earth (UOE). Shortly after the first Tevarin war began in 2541, humanity suddenly found itself in need of an organized military force at a size previously unneeded. To this point, aside from the hostage situation with the Xi'an in 2530, there had only been local security forces under the control of the central human government.

With humanity facing an imminent and overwhelming threat, a fleet needed to be raised and trained quickly. The Tribunal sent out an immediate call for recruits to create this army.

Transport ships on each of the settled planets would load up these volunteers and travel to a training facility on Mars known as Invictus.

On the morning of 2542-10-12, families and communities gathered at launch pads around the UPE territories to celebrate those that were going to defend against the alien invaders. As the conflict continued, more recruits would gather on that day to travel to Invictus to begin their training.

Over the centuries, as the empire has expanded, space travel has become even more accessible and most recruits are able to self-report, the need for Invictus Launch Week's has diminished. The spirit of it, however, is stronger than ever.

Invictus is a time to celebrate each other. To celebrate bravery bravery, duty, and commitment to the goals that define humanity at its finest.

Welcome to Invictus 2950.

In game events[]

Invictus Launch Fleet[]

A small fleet of the United Empire of Earth Navy, consisting of one Javelin (Hull number: UEE - 0093) accompanied by two Idris-M and three F8A Lightning of the 999th Test Squadron traveled to the space stations Baijini Point, Everus Harbor and Port Tressler alternately, on arrival and departure ceremonial music was played and fireworks "shot".

Event Schedule[]

During Invictus Launch Week 2950 various exhibitors took part at the event and were showcasing a selection of ships. These ships could also be rented for free for a duration of 1 day.

Day Date Exhibitors Free Fly Ships
1/2 May 22/23, 2020 Tumbril Land Systems
Origin Jumpworks GmbH
Roberts Space Industries
Tumbril: ?

Origin: 325a
RSI: Aurora LN, Constellation Andromeda, Constellation Aquila, Constellation Phoenix, Mantis

3/4 May 24/25, 2020 Anvil Aerospace Arrow, C8X Pisces Expedition, Carrack, F7C Hornet, Gladiator, Hawk, Hurricane, Terrapin, Valkyrie
5/6 May 26/27, 2020 Aegis Dynamics Avenger Stalker, Avenger Titan Renegade, Avenger Warlock, Eclipse, Gladius Valiant, Hammerhead, Retaliator Bomber, Vanguard Hoplite, Vanguard Sentinel, Vanguard Warden
7/8 May 28/29, 2020 Argo Astronautics
Consolidated Outland
Crusader Industries
Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Argo: MPUV Personnel

Consolidated: Mustang Delta
MISC: Freelancer MIS, Razor EX, Reliant Tana, Starfarer Gemini

Commemorative items[]

In game clothing items that were only available during Invictus Launch Week.

Name Type Name Type
Invictus Flyby Shirt Dark Green Invictus Flyby Shirt Dark Green Shirt Invictus Flyby Shirt Olive Green Invictus Flyby Shirt Olive Green Shirt
Invictus Hat Dark Green Invictus Hat Dark Green Hat Invictus Hat Olive Green Invictus Hat Olive Green Hat
Invictus Flight Jacket Invictus Flight Jacket Jacket




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