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The Intergalactic Aerospace Expo 2950, short IAE 2950, is a ship show that was held for 13 days, between November 20 to December 2, 2020 in the Tobin Expo Center on microTech. The IAE 2950 is the first event tobe held in the Tobin Expo Center. During the Expo a variety of daily changing ship-manufacturers have displayed their ships and vehicles that could also be rented cost-free for a duration of 48 hours as part of the free-fly program that allowed to play the game without the need of purchasing a game package.

During the event all ships displayed on the exibithion and a range of quantity limited hulls were sold with a Lifetime Insurance at the online pledge store.

The Nomad and the Mercury Star Runner had been released at the start of the IAE 2950.[1]


Coming to microTech

It's almost that time of year again. The galaxy’s premier aerospace event, the Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, is coming to the chilly expanses of microTech. But while the weather outside may be cold, the convention hall will be chock-full of the hottest new ships, limited-edition paint jobs, and arms and armor the galaxy has to offer.

Strap in for 13 days of aerospace exhilaration as pilots from around the 'verse come to see the newest and most iconic ships up close. Each day, different manufacturers take over the halls, so there's something new to see every day. And nearly everything on display is available to test-fly for free!

Remember: IAE 2950 is a free event, accessible to all visitors to New Babbage, microTech. Come back next week for more details on IAE 2950, and be sure to mark your calendars. We can’t wait to see you there.

IAE 2950 - Save the Date

Event Schedule

Date Companys Location Free Fly Ships[3]
Nov 20 - 21 Apex Halls 1, 2, Lower Level & Holosuite NomadMustang AlphaMustang BetaMustang DeltaMustang GammaArgo MoleMPUV CargoMPUV PersonnelROCGreycat PTV
Nov 21 - 22 Zenith Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Lower Level & Holosuite Avenger StalkerAvenger TitanAvenger Titan RenegadeAvenger WarlockEclipseGladiusGladius ValiantHammerheadReclaimerRetaliator BomberSabreSabre CometVanguard HarbingerVanguard HopliteVanguard SentinelVanguard Warden
Nov 22 - 23 Apex Halls 1, 2, 3, Lower Level & Holosuite ArrowAnvil BallistaC8X Pisces ExpeditionCarrackF7C HornetF7C Hornet WildfireF7C-M Super HornetF7C-R Hornet TrackerF7C-S Hornet GhostGladiatorHawkHurricaneTerrapinValkyrie
Nov 23 - 24 Zenith Hall 1, Lower Level & Holosuite Mercury Star RunnerCycloneCyclone-AACyclone-RCCyclone-RNCyclone-TRP-52 MerlinP72 Archimedes
Nov 24 - 25 Apex Halls 1, 2, 5, Lower Level & Holosuite FreelancerFreelancer DURFreelancer MAXFreelancer MISProspectorRazorRazor EXRazor LXReliant KoreReliant MakoReliant SenReliant TanaStarfarer Gemini
Nov 25 - 26 Zenith Hall 1, Lower Level & Holosuite BuccaneerCaterpillarCutlass BlackCutlass BlueCutlass RedDragonfly BlackHerald
Nov 26 - 27 Apex Hall 1 & Lower Level Banu DefenderBladeGlaiveKhartu-AlNoxNox KueProwler
Nov 27 - 28 Zenith Halls 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Lower Level & Holosuite 85X100i125a135c300i315p325a350r600i Touring890 JumpM50
Nov 28 - 29 Apex Halls 1, 2, 5, Lower Level & Holosuite Aurora CLAurora ESAurora LNAurora LXAurora MRConstellation AndromedaConstellation AquilaConstellation PhoenixMantisUrsa Rover
Nov 29 - Dec 02
  • Best in Show
  • Weapons & Armor Day
  • Ship Rentals
Zenith Hall 1 & Lower Level Carrack Best in Show 2950 EditionCutlass Black Best in Show 2950 EditionEclipse Best in Show 2950 EditionValkyrie Best in Show 2950 Edition

Tobin Expo Center Map

Tobin Expo Center Map.png

IAE 2950 unique items

IAE 2950 T-shirt - front.png

IAE 2950 T-shirt and hat

IAE 2950 T-shirt and hat

Two commemorates in-game clothing items could be purchased in the Tobin Expo Center Lobby, a t-shirt and a hat. And as the winner of the Ship Showdown 2950 the Carrack was the inspiration of the Venture Helmet Carrack Edition that was also given to all backers.[4]

Best in Show 2950 Edition Ships

All Best in Show 2950 Edition ships

Unique IAE 2950 ship editions were offered for the Ship Showdown 2950 semi-finalists, the Carrack Best in Show 2950 Edition, Cutlass Black Best in Show 2950 Edition, Eclipse Best in Show 2950 Edition and Valkyrie Best in Show 2950 Edition.[5] Owner of the base variant of the equivalent ship or the Best in Show 2950 Edition also received the paint cost-free together with a themed t-shirt for their respective ship.

Quantity stock-limited ship sales

During the IAE 2950 one or more ships were sold in a limited quantity in three waves.

IAE Day 1 - November 20th: CNOU Pioneer
IAE Day 2 - November 21st: Aegis Idris-P, Aegis Idris Aftermarket Kit, and Aegis Javelin
IAE Day 5 - November 24th: Hull-E
IAE Day 6 - November 25th: Drake Kraken, Drake Kraken Privateer, Drake Kraken Aftermarket Kit
IAE Day 8 - November 27th: Origin 890 Jump
IAE Day 10 - November 28th: RSI Polaris, Constellation Phoenix
  • Wave 1: 8am Pacific Time Zone
  • Wave 2: 4pm Pacific Time Zone
  • Wave 3: 12am Pacific Time Zone




Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

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Day 10


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