ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
Maximum Crew37-81 persons
Mass (empty)1,610,113.13 Kg[1]
Cargo Capacity215 Standard Cargo Units
Length238.50 m[1]
Height50.50 m[1]
Beam131.20 m[1]
Top Speed????
Main Thrusters [?]8x TR5
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]8x TR3
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 5Behring M3C ASA turret
Class 6Behring M5C STS turret
Class 7Klaus & Werner Zestroyer spinal mount rail gun[2]
Class 9A&R Plowshare anti-ship missile launcher[3]
Additional EquipmentTarsus Marauder jump engine

Official Description

Frigates, though smaller than a cruiser and lacking the heavy armor and the capital weaponry of a larger class, are extremely useful in a combat situation due to their maneuverability and highly configurable upgrade options. Even the least expensive models feature numerous upgrade slots and multiple hard points for turrets and missiles. Frigates are also frequently used for boarding actions; a single ship can support a team of marines capable of taking the fight to the decks of larger warships and stations.

The Idris is now a frigate, and existing fiction will be updated to reflect this change wherever possible. We are not removing Idrises from anyone’s inventories; everyone who owned an Idris corvette yesterday owns an Idris frigate today. I’m hoping existing backers will be happy: you’re ending up with twice the ship you pledged for!

–Chris Roberts[4]

The Idris Corvette has fighters. It's going to have between two and three, we haven't 100% determined yet. But, the difference between this and the Constellation is that it will be able to have the single seater fighters that you can pledge for. So, you'll be able to have two Hornets in it, or two 300is, or an M50. It won't be able to have any of the bigger ones that are multi-person.

–Chris Roberts[5]

Since then, it's been confirmed that the Idris will be able to support three ships.[6]

The Idris Corvette (named after the the battle of Idris IV) has been demilitarized for private ownership, even though entrepreneurial pirate packs have been known to spring for one.

–Writers Guide: Part Four[7]

The Idris Corvette is an eight to ten person optimal operation setup.

–Chris Roberts[8]

Manufacturer Clarification

Lore initially described the Idris class frigate as being made by Roberts Space Industries. Ben Lesnick later wrote that this was made in error, due to Ryan Church working on the design, and that the ship's manufacturer has always been Aegis Dynamics.[9][10][11][12]

Obtaining an Idris Class Frigate

Anyone who pledges with a Space Marshal package after July 31, 2013 will receive an Idris-P class frigate. This is in lieu of spending half a day with Chris Roberts.[13]
The Space Marshal package was renamed to the War Pack package.[14]



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