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Hurston Dynamics is a human family-owned company that manufactures weapons for ships and vehicles. The company also owns the planet Hurston, named after the company, in the Stanton system. The planet serves as a test bed for the weapon development department, as the the several craters are evidence of, and the companies headquarters are located in Lorville.[1][2]


Company timeline

  • 2438: Seizing upon a unique opportunity, Solomon Hurston purchases a struggling laser manufacturer on Earth and transforms it into what would become one of the most successful companies of all time, Hurston Dynamics.
  • 2488: After leading the company for fifty years, Solomon Hurston retires and leaves the company to his son, Isiah Hurston. This would be the start of a family dynasty that continues to this day.
  • 2514: Hurston breaks new ground with the institution of an innovative new labor contract that would ensure factories a more stable workforce while employees would be granted greater employment security.
  • 2529: Hirston Dynamics opens its first interstellar factory on Rytif.
  • 2541: Humanity wages its first interspecies war. Hurston Dynamics weapons are instrumental in the defeat of the Tevarin threat.
  • 2603: With the Second Tevarin War underway, Hurston engineers would introduce Cascade Laser Technology, a groundbreaking line of weaponry that helped to end the Tevarin invasion once and for all.
  • 2638: Hurston celebrates its bicentennial. To honor the company's contributions to the Empire, the Navy commisions the UEES Solomon, the pride of the 3rd Fleet.
  • 2756: Hurston Dynamics constructs its first Residential factory center where employees can both live and work, greatly increasing productivity and work-life satisfaction.
  • 2794: For the first time ever, Cascade Laser weapons are made available directly to the public for purchase. This marks the beginning of Hurston's highly successful consumer division.


All ship weapons are exclusively sold at Hurston Dynamics Showcase in Lorville's Central Business District.

Name Image Size Grade Type
Attrition-1 Repeater Attrition-1 Repeater.png 1  S  1 Laser Repeater
Attrition-2 Repeater Attrition-2 Repeater.png 2  S  1 Laser Repeater
Attrition-3 Repeater Attrition-3 Repeater.png 3  S  1 Laser Repeater
Attrition-4 Repeater Attrition-4 Repeater.png 4  S  1 Laser Repeater
Attrition-5 Repeater Attrition-5 Repeater.png 5  S  1 Laser Repeater
Attrition-6 Repeater Attrition-6 Repeater.png 6  S  1 Laser Repeater
Dominance-1 Scattergun Dominance-1 Scattergun.png 1  S  1 Laser Scattergun
Dominance-2 Scattergun Dominance-2 Scattergun.png 2  S  1 Laser Scattergun
Dominance-3 Scattergun Dominance-3 Scattergun.png 3  S  1 Laser Scattergun
Exodus Laser Beam Exodus Laser Beam - cropped.png 10  S  1 Laser Beam
Jericho XL Jericho XL on Mustang Delta.png 3  S  1 Rocket Pod




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