ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace
Standalone Price$175[1]

A candidate for the 3rd starter ship poll, which lost out to the Reliant.

Official Description

Some ships avoid dangerous encounters with speed, some with stealth and others with maneuverability. The Anvil Hurricane's philosophy is that it should be able to blast anything that gets in its way out of the sky. The Hurricane won’t win any races and its electronic signature won’t let you sneak behind enemy lines… but it features a wide array of fully customizable small bore weapons hardpoints plus the ability to customize weapons types in several ways. Hurricanes are often used by militia squadrons and private organizations seeking to add a "heavy" to their lineup.

Developer Comments and Quotes

The Hurricane concept release was hinted at during the Jan 30th 2017 "Citizens of the Stars" by Ben Lesnick. "Life is like a hurricane" is the first line of the Duck Tales theme song.

During the February 20th 2017 "Citizens of the Stars" Loremaker Will Weissbaum described the Hurricane as a glass canon

The Hurricane Concept sale will begin on 2/24/2017



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Letter from the Chairman #14295

Citizen of the Stars Jan 30th, 2017

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