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Historical events that have occurred in the Star Citizen universe. Notable events of each century are displayed on this overall view while a full list of events can be found on the dedicated page of each century.

21st century[]

Date Description
May 3rd, 2075 Doctor Scott Childress and his team designed the first autonomous quantum generator, making it possible to reach one hundredth of the speed of light (or 2,997.92 km/s). This technological breakthrough allows humanity to explore the solar system at speeds previously unattainable.

22nd century[]

Date Description
April 21st, 2113 Roberts Space Industries develops the 1st machine capable of performing terraforming.
2125 Two days before the end of the terraforming of Mars, the "Great Mars Tragedy" kills the 4,876 people who worked on its development.
2140 Roberts Space Industries presents its Zeus spacecraft, the first affordable short-range spacecraft to potential buyers.
2157 Senator Stephen Nguyen announces success of Mars terraforming project.

23rd century[]

Date Description
2214 A new version of the quantum generator is being developed by Roberts Space Industries, making it possible to reach one tenth of the speed of light (29,979.24 km/s). More and more ships are roaming the solar system.
2232 The Artemis is launched. It carries 5,000 civilians on a mission to reach the planet closest to our solar system which could be successfully terraformed.
2271 Nick Croshaw investigates the disappearance of the ships at the Neso Triangle, he discovers the first jump point and becomes the first explorer to travel to another solar system. Discovery of the Croshaw system.

24th century[]

Date Description
April 23rd, 2380 With the discovery of three new jump points, the governments of Earth decide to meet to discuss how best to approach this new era. Over the next several years, nations put their identities and points of contention aside to form the UNE.

25th century[]

Date Description
June 12th, 2438 Explorer Vernon Tar accidentally encounters the Banu.
2460 The Earth is overcrowded. Wishing to take advantage of this situation, RSI is launching an advertising campaign called "The Air You Breathe" to promote their commercial flights. Society promises people a new life, a chance to start all over elsewhere in the universe. This campaign is a huge success.

26th century[]

Date Description
2523 The UNE restructures and becomes the United Planets of Earth (UPE), allowing each planet to be represented in the Senate and establishing an executive power shared by three tribunes.
2530 Gaia Planet Services, a terraforming company, sends a team of 276 to colonize a presumed uninhabited world. Shortly after terraforming begins, the Xi'an capture the team and release Foreman Charles Baxter, in good faith. Beginning of the Xi'an Cold War.
November 15th, 2541 Discovery of Tevarin on Elysium IV.
2542 to 2546 Beginning of the First Tevarin War.
2546 UEE formation. Beginning of the Messer Era.

27th century[]

Date Description
2603 to 2610 Beginning of the Second Tevarin War. At the end of the Second Tevarin War, Aaron Fring paints a picture that will mark this confrontation. His work entitled "Tears of fire" was introduced to the UPE's Museum of Historical Vault for Antiquity in 2633.
2681 First contact with the Vanduul: a small colony called Armitage in the Orion system is attacked and wiped out by the Vanduul. It's the Armitage Raid.

28th century[]

Date Description
2789 Hostilities between the UEE and the Xi'an Empire are raging. At the same time, Senator Akari is negotiating a treaty with the Xi'an in complete secrecy. As soon as this treaty comes into effect, Xi'an forces demobilize and retreat.
May 3rd, 2792 End of the Messer Era.

29th century[]

Date Description
2800 Imperator Marshall Leon inaugurates The ARK. He invited the representatives of the Xi'an Empire, the Banu Protectorate as well as a Tevarin delegation.
2872 Imperator Marshall Leon announces the "Project Archangel", the objective of which is to develop the technologies and techniques necessary to create a new world from nothing. The project is open to scientists of other species. This project marks the beginning of the creation of the Synthworld world.

30th century[]

Date Description
2928 Election of Kelos Costigan for the post of Imperator of the United Empire of Earth.
November 10th, 2945 Beginning of the Vanduul War.
May 31st, 2947 Attempted assassination of Imperator Kelos Costigan as he was about to speak at the Banking Federation Summit in the Sol system regarding the Human-Xi’an Exchange Initiative vote.
January 1, 2951 Laylani Addison sworn in as Imperator of the United Empire of Earth.