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Hidden asteroid bases will take on two forms: the first is active smugglers bases with trading and the seediest bars in the galaxy offering some of the most dangerous--and lucrative--missions outside the law. The second is secret supply depots that you can discover, raid and contest yourself. Their locations won't be on any map, their location the stuff of legend and hearsay. You'll learn about them through hearsay at seedy mining bars or tireless exploratory scanning of asteroid bases or even by outfitting your ship to stealthily follow successful smugglers. There you may find anything from a thriving smuggler community, an intergalactic bazar trading black market goods at great prices… or an abandoned cache of weapons and upgrades thought hidden in deep space by their previous owners. And once discovered, the abandoned worldlets could make for an excellent hidden squadron base… as long as no one reveals their location or follows you home!


Kickstarter: Unlock: Asteroid Bases Unlocked!