ManufacturerAnvil Aerospace
FocusBounty Hunting
Maximum Crew1
Standalone Price$100
Mass (empty)40,000 kg
Cargo Capacity0
Length17 m
Height6.5 m
Beam22 m
Max Power Plant Size [?]S1 (S2? )
Factory Power PlantS1 Aegis Regulus
Top Speed275m/s SCM, 1235m/s AFB
Max Shield [?]2x S1
Shield2x Gorgon Defender AllStop
Cooling System [?]2x S1 Bracer
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 1
Joker Suckerpunch distortion
Class 2
Behring M4A laser cannon
Additional EquipmentEMP, Prisoner Pod

Official Description

A small, light fighter with an emphasis on weaponry, the Hawk boasts an impressive arsenal of lethal and non-lethal weapons, making it a perfect ship for independent bounty hunters or local security looking for a little more punch.

Commercial Description


Advocacy and local law enforcement need your help. There are those in the universe that don't believe in the values of your community and the rule of law. The Militia Mobilization Initiative has been working with law enforcement and bounty hunter representatives to increase awareness and provide training opportunities for civilians like yourself to lend a hand in restoring the security of your system.

Take back your community against the criminals seeking to threaten those you love.


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