The Hadesian are a vanished species that lived in the Hades system before mysteriously destroying itself. Nothing is known about the state of their power when this happened, but they left behind a planet split in two by what is supposed to be the result of a civil war: Hades IV. The latter nevertheless maintained a stable orbit. The other three planets are ruins, the result of intense bombardment with weapons different from those of humans.


There are as many theories about the Hadesians’ nature as there are stars in the sky. Every year, a fresh batch of university graduates descends on the system, hoping that they will be the ones to finally crack the mystery of this civilization, and every year, they go away in frustration. Scientists have managed to roughly determine their physical dimensions and that their civil war was fought roughly 300,000 years ago. Based on sparse skeletal and architectural evidence, a recent theory that Hadesians were roundish creatures with a bulky central body with multiple thin appendages (a number that apparently varies from Hadesian to Hadesian) and a pair of long arms complete the figure. A sharp contrast to what was considered the most accurate renderings of Hadesians from researchers only a few years prior.

Just think of all the power needed to crack a planet in half. It absolutely awe-inspiring. I can only hope we never, ever discover what did it.

UEE Navy Vice Admiral Ruth Basinski, Terra Gazette interview, 2816


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