Gliese IV: NoGo Edit

Called "NoGo" by humans due to the fact that Banu will not go there.

The focal point of the Gliese system is NoGo and the Lyrus Flotilla.   When humans first arrived in the system, they found a beautifully terraformed world with no one living on it.  There were ruins of ancient settlements.  Humans have successfully settled there with no ill effects.  There are natural resources so they have been feeding he flotilla and trading for goods.

The Banu relationship with history is that the cause is not important, the result is.  Hence it is not important why we do not go to Gliese IV, we just don’t go.

Neither Banu nor Humans police NoGo so there have been some outlaw settlements.  Recently the UEE Navy did do an operation there to take out an outlaw group in “Project Eclipse”. So outlaws beware.

Corporations have not been using the best environmental practices, so this may lead to conflict with the settlers in coming years.[1]

References Edit

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