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The Garron system is a single star system with four planets orbiting a Yellow dwarf.

Thanks to unchecked greed of the era, Garron System is almost exclusively known for the Massacre of Garron II (2792). While that atrocity ultimately ignited the downfall of the Messer's, a developing species was casually exterminated in the process. Now the system exists as a memorial to the potential dangers of terraforming.

–ARK Starmap


Massacre of Garron II[]

In 2792, Imperator Linton Messer XI sold off the terraforming rights of Garron II to the Bright Worlds Terraforming Group (BWTG). One of the indigenous species, which had shown sentience and was known to both the BWTG and Linton Messer, was exterminated during the terraforming process. An anti-Messer revolutionary group called Tide obtained footage documenting the atrocity and released it over Spectrum, interrupting broadcasts galaxy-wide. The vids sparked an outrage among the long-oppressed population of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). Subsequent riots and military action led to the end of the 246 year Messer dynasty.



Travel information[]

Those visiting Garron should be aware that the whole system has extra environmental protections in place to prevent additional contamination of Garron II. There are strict fines for littering and all ships are expected to properly dispose of waste at designated reclamation centers.


Garron I

Garron I is a uninhabitable lava planet orbiting extremely close to the system's star.

Garron II

A terraformed rocky world inside the system's green band. The space station OB Heller orbits Garron II.

Garron III

An ice planet located well outside the system's green band.

Garron IV

An uninhabitable rocky planet located far from the rest of the system.

Stellar objects[]

  • None

Space stations[]

OB Heller

A station placed near Garron II, OB Heller houses the scientific teams working to restore the planet, but the station also acts as an ecotourist site to educate and inform people about terraforming, the Fair Chance Act, Humanity's responsibility and the Synthworld.




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