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Is Star Citizen “Free to play” or subscription based game[]

During the development of the game it is only required to purchase ("pledge") a "game package" or any other higher tier package that contains a "Star Citizen digital download" to play the in-development (alpha version) Star Citizen Alpha universe, there are currently no plans that will require a recurring payment or any other form of subscription.

What is the "Persistent Universe" (PU)[]

The Persistent Universe is the, currently in development, sandbox "world" (or universe) in which Star Citizen is mainly played. Persistency means that while the game is still in development and going though various versions (iterations) any progress achieved or gained (completed missions, purchased ships, etc.) in-game will carry on and not be lost.

Can I buy every ship in-game[]

During the development of the game certain ships are only available (as soon as they are released into the game) as a reward for a pledge. It is announced that at release of the game every ship that can currently be purchased (pledged) on the pledge store ( will be available in-game, this does not include limited edition ships like the Mustang Omega.

Will Star Citizen only be in English[]

Currently only English is available. Future localizations into for e.g. French, German or Spanish are expected to be supported in the future.

What operating systems/ platforms are supported[]

Star Citizen is developed on a modified version of Amazon Lumberyard and currently only supports Microsoft Windows, a release on Linux or macOS can happen at a later stage of development.[1]

What are the system requirements for Star Citizen?[]

The estimated minimum and recommended requirements can be read on System Requirements.


What is Insurance[]

Note.png Insurance is currently not implemented and is planned to be released at or close to release of the game.

Specific ships can be purchased ("pledged") with a 3-/6-month insurance which will replace stolen or destroyed ships as long as the insurance is in effect.

During the development all ships have the same insurance that will not expire and does not require any payment to be accessible, however "claiming" a lost (destroyed) ship requires a 1-time payment that varies on the ships value, as well as the delivery time is depending on the ships value.

More about the expected features can be read on the Insurance article page.

What is Lifetime Insurance (LTI)[]

Note.png Lifetime Insurance is currently not implemented and is planned to be released at or close to release of the game.

Lifetime Insurance will be a permanent insurance bound to one specific ship that will not have to be renewed, for more details on Lifetime Insurance and the expected features that come with it, head to the article page.

Pledge store[]

Why cant I see the price on most the ships[]

Only a select amount of ships are permanent available for purchase (pledge) on the pledge store. A frequently updated list of all prices can be found at List of ship and vehicle prices.


What are the “Citizen cards[]

Citizen Cards are a in-game item and a physical credit-card sized card. The in-game cards will show your character’s social standing, credit account and the like. The physical wallet sized cards that are a one-time gift tied to the initial kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

More about the cards can be read on Citizen cards.

I have a great idea for the game, where can I submit it?[]

Please post your ideas, suggestions and comments on the Roberts Space Industries forums.

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