Freelancer MIS
ManufacturerMusashi Industrial & Starflight Concern
Maximum Crew4
Standalone Price$165[1]
Mass (empty)30,000 Kg[2]
Cargo Capacity33 Standard Cargo Units [2]
Max Power Plant Size [?]5[2]
Factory Power PlantGNP Super Tonnerre-00 (4)[2]
Main Thrusters [?]TR5[2]
Factory EngineArcCorp Arc Duo 400 (TR4)[2]
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]TR2[2]
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersMISC XiTech (TR2)[2]
Max Shield [?]5[2]
ShieldGorgon Invincible X (3)[2]
HardpointsWeapons Systems
Class 32× 3× Size 3 Talon ASIM-20/c Stalker III (Wingtips)
2× 3× Size 2 Behring Executioner II (Underwing)
2× 2× Size 2 Behring Marksman II (Top Launchers)[2]
Class 4Kroneg FL33 (Waist Turrets)[2]
Class 5Behring V82-FL Twin Turret Laser Cannon (Rear Turret)[2]
Additional EquipmentTarsus Leaper Jump Engine
Behring Express Missile Replenisher with reload packs
2x Size 2 missile racks (10 per rack) in hold, expandable to 4[2][3]

The Freelancer MIS is a limited edition militarized variant of the classic mercantile ship developed by the UEE. These were produced in very small quantity due to some early payload incidents. This version sacrifices the majority of the cargo capacity to make way for missiles. Otherwhise known as "The Big boom one"[2]

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