The RSI team is aiming to make the space maneuvering as close to reality as possible, but tempering with a some visual effects to make it look good in the process.

As someone that was taking Physics at Manchester University before I dropped out to make games full time I can assure everyone that the physics model is COMPLETELY accurate and it’s a full rigid body simulation. I know because I wrote the code.

–Chris Roberts

I think you know I like things to look cool (come on, we all know you probably wouldn’t be engaging in space dogfights at WW2 speeds, but it’s so much more fun than what the reality would probably be), so what happens is that the system is still modeled accurately, but I use the angular /linear velocity delta to drive the visual representation of thrust.

–Chris Roberts

So basically the ships will maneuver as they would in real space, but the visual part of it is changed for the purpose of looking cool. As there is no drag in space a thruster only needs to thrust once, in order to move the object it is attached to, so in reality you would only see the thrusters flicker now and then when you turn and thrust. Spinning while seeing no active thrusters, would look weird but would also be realistic. Chris Roberts wants it to feel and look good, so when you spin/turn/thrust, the thrusters will continue to thrust. Zhaky (talk) 17:38, October 21, 2012 (UTC)


Physics – Not a Dirty Word

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