The First Human-Tevarin War was an interstellar conflict between Humans and Tevarins as a result of the Tevarins' desire for human territory and resources.[1]

First encountered in 2541, the Tevarins were the first interstellar enemy of mankind. Though not as technologically advanced as humanity, the Tevarins were notorious for strategic thinking and adaptability. The Tevarin desired human resources and territory and invaded first, sparking the First Tevarin War.

The Tevarin society was heavily militarized, with all achievements and advancement being based on military accomplishments. The Tevarins were not inherently vicious, but saw glory and honour in warfare.

As the Tevarin War began to swell, the UPE military feared that the conflict in the West might embolden a Xi’An attack in the East and instituted a draft. Fortunately, a young and ambitious officer, Ivar Messer, captured public attention when he distinguished himself in the Battle of Idris IV. The UPE quickly realized this and turned Messer into the face of the Tevarin War [1].

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