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Fair Chance Act -Time Capsule 2795:A Kinder, Gentler Human

The Fair Chance Act is legislation that was put forth by a reformed UEE government after a civil uprising that was instigated by the Massacre of Garron II in 2792.


The Fair Chance Act is divided into five sections:

  • Principles
  • Designation of Developing Species
  • Terraforming Articles and Conditions
  • Resources for Ecological Protection
  • Judicial Review and Criminal Prosecution

Please note that sections III, IV, and V are currently unavailable.

Section I - Principles

Article 1

The aim of this Act is to protect the lives and well-being of species, ("Species") on planets who have not developed but possess the reasonable capacity for evolution into intelligence, based on the responsibility of human beings for their fellow creatures. No one may cause a Species pain, suffering or harm without good reason.[1]

Section II - Designation of Developing Species

Article 2

Upon discovery of a new planet and/or system, an independent panel consisting of UEE representatives, exobiologists, and Corp engineers ("Panel") will:

  1. Run non-invasive scans and assessments on each planet in the system to understand whether life is already developing;
  2. Submit all reports and present findings to UEE Senate Subcommittee on Expansion & Development;
  3. Monitor and maintain the ecological sanctity of any planet deemed Developing by conclusion between Independent Panel and Subcommittee to protect development of species.

Article 2a

Panel will develop and present system of criteria to determine what classifies as a "developing species".

The UEE Subcommittee on Expansion and Development shall be empowered, in agreement with the Imperator and Senate, to issue ordinances, with the consent of the High-Secretary. It may, in particular,

1. classify a world as a sanctuary. In which,
a) all indigenous lifeforms are to be left untouched from any human involvement
b) any attempt to terraform or extract resources, be they biological or mineral, will result in criminal prosecution as laid out in Section V
2.  Divert military resources to maintain the sanctity of the protected world, with the consent and help of the High-General.

Section III - Terraforming Articles and Conditions

. . . CONTINUED[1]


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