The Hornet F7A is the UEE Navy's premier carrier-based fighter craft, the F7A is the front-line attack ship for military combat missions. While not outfitted for long range runs, the F7A can take her share of hits... and dish out a consistent, powerful response.

The F7A is the Military version of the Hornet. According to an interview with Chris Roberts the Hornet is going to be one of the three ships one is given besides the "Gladius" and the "Retaliator Bomber" in Squadron 42 by Admiral Bishop.

The F7A has received a rework, and now has two versions. Mark 1, the version we have seen in the original kickstarter trailer, which is said to be in game as a small model and the new Mark 2, an improved version using the ship pipeline techniques gained from development. The Mark 2 will be the ship you will be flying in Squadron 42.

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