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The Endeavor has the possibility to install pods which perform specific tasks or add features, such as a medical facility or ship hangar. Every pod takes up two out of the six total module slots, except for the collider pod and med pod which take up four module slots each.

Biodome Pod

As long as Humanity expands outward into the galaxy, there will always be a need for the most basic elements that sustain it. The Endeavor’s biodome pods were designed to support ongoing agriculture operations, adapting and growing foodstuffs which can then be sold for a profit.Pledge store

Collider Pod

The most visually unique Endeavor module, the distinct circular supercollider is actually only one small piece of a more elaborate overclocking facility. This large module includes a pair of ‘white room’ workbench labs ideal for tweaking and overclocking starship components. Enthusiasts and professionals seeking to push their weapons, thrusters or other upgrades to the limit can do so with atomic precision thanks to the attached accelerator that allows for safe testing of new theoretical limits; raising the bar on component performance as high as possible.Pledge store

Crew Pod

The Service Equipment & Crew Enclosure (SEACE) adds additional crew facilities to the Endeavor, allowing the Workshop module to function as a stand-alone installation for longer missions or for the overall ship to support additional crew in general.Pledge store

Fuel Pod

The Endeavor Fuel Pod takes up a minimal amount of space to add additional fuel for long-duration missions. Effectively a large ‘drop tank,’ the fuel pod is typically used by Endeavor crews venturing further into the unknown.Pledge store

Landing Pod

The Landing Bay Pod slings a single, large hangar underneath the spacecraft and attaches it directly to other laboratory pods. Intended to support hospital operations, the landing bay has room to support multiple Cutlass Red ambulances and features complete decontamination facilities. Note that while the landing bay was designed to support ambulance operations, it also functions alongside standard science modules and can support the upkeep any sufficiently small spacecraft.Pledge store

Med Pod

The Medical Bay Pod is a large (2×2) set of attached rooms which operate effectively as a standing hospital, complete with operating theaters, recovery rooms and more. The Endeavor’s medical bay is intended to operate alongside the optional Landing Bay, ferrying patients from battlefields and disasters for treatment and recovery.Pledge store

Research Pod

The General Research Pod (GRP) is intended as a multi-use facility that can support a variety of active scientific pursuits: microscopy, zero gravity experiments, biological studies and the like. With internal slots for precision scanners, sample and specimen collections, spectrometers and chemical analyzer, the GRP is capable of cataloging new experimental data as well as producing cutting edge compounds. Note: The GRP is intended for legal experimentation as authorized by the UEE only.Pledge store

Science Pod

The General Science Pod (GSP) is the Endeavor’s ‘analytic’ module, with installation points for a variety of scientific computers and databanks. The GSP is oriented towards inward-facing processing of data gathered elsewhere, featuring extensive systems for turning the raw information gathered by the GRP and Telescope Array into valuable data for sale or trade.Pledge store

Telescope Pod

From the moment Humans first looked to the sky, we have dreamed of learning what lies beyond the stars. The optional telescope array turns the Endeavor into an extremely powerful mobile stellar observatory, with an array of instrumentation that allows crews to gather data from the depths of space itself. This data, useful for everything from standard nav studies to jump point discovery, can then fetch a premium on the open market.Pledge store


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