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Subject of this article is about a unreleased feature, details may differ greatly on release. Leaked content is not permitted here due to legal concerns.

The Endeavor has the possibility to install pods (modules) that are designed add additional features, such as a medical facility or ship hangar. Every pod takes up two out of the six total module slots, except for the collider pod and med pod which take up four module slots each.

Name Description Module size Image
Biodome Pod A biodome to grow and harvest crops. 2x1 Endeavor Biodome Pod - concept (1).jpg
Collider Pod 2x2 Endeavor Collider Pod - concept (1).jpg
Crew Pod Additional crew quarters. 2x1 Endeavor Crew Pod - concept (1).jpg
Fuel Pod Adds additional fuel tanks. 2x1 Endeavor Fuel Pod - concept (1).jpg
Landing Pod A small ship hangar. 2x1 Endeavor Landing Pod - concept (1).jpg
Med Pod Adds a Tier 3 medical facility. 2x2 Endeavor Med Pod - concept (1).jpg
Research Pod 2x1 Endeavor Research Pod - concept (1).jpg
Science Pod 2x1 Endeavor Science Pod - concept (1).jpg
Telescope Pod 2x1 Endeavor Telescope Pod - concept (1).jpg

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