ManufacturerAegis Dynamics
Maximum Crew
Standalone Price 
Mass (empty)54,216 kg
Cargo Capacity0
Length20.5 m
Height4.4 m
Beam36.6 m
Upgrade Capacity [?] 
Hull Construction 
Max Power Plant Size [?] 
Factory Power Plant 
Top Speed 
Main Thrusters [?] 
Factory Engine 
Maneuvering Thrusters [?] 
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters 
Max Shield [?] 
HardpointsWeapons Systems
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 ×[[ ]]
 ×[[ ]]
 ×[[ ]]
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Official Description

The Aegis Eclipse is a bomber designed to get in and strike before it's even spotted. After extensive service with the UEE, this high-tech military stalwart is making its debut on the civilian market for 2947.

Commercial Description


Armed with multiple torpedoes and state-of-the-art scan diffusing technology, the Aegis Eclipse has been the UEE’s best, and least known, protection. It is the Navy’s top choice in border defense and a preferred first-strike weapon against the Vanduul. Now, in an effort to increase transparency with the Xi’an, the Eclipse is declassified and available for purchase by Citizens.


In 2930, the UEE Navy was in need of a more advanced stealth bomber to use specifically in defensive operations against the Vanduul. Military casualties were mounting in cases of direct combat with Vanduul capital ships. The Navy needed a ship that could strike quickly before the enemy detected their presence or soften up strategic targets in anticipation of a larger attack. Aegis Dynamics won that bid. The arrowing design, massive firepower, and cutting-edge clandestine technology of their design easily surpassed the competition. The Eclipse’s advanced hull system is adaptable to environments thanks to multiple wing configurations that adjust to space or atmospheric flight. After years of extensive field tests, the Aegis Eclipse went into service in 2932. Since then, the Eclipse has served as the unseen sentinel of our borders. Now, it is time to recognize the Eclipse’s many years of service.


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