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Earth (Sol III) is the homeworld of the human species and on which all political and military government agencies of the United Empire of Earth are located.

Humanity's homeworld and namesake of the United Empire of Earth. It is the center of the UEE political machine and a focal point in the Empire's commerce and culture. Centuries of habitation have stripped the planet of its natural resources resulting in a heavy dependence on imports for the billions that live here.

–ARK Starmap

History[edit | edit source]

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Cities[edit | edit source]

Moscow[edit | edit source]

The inspiration behind the adage "you can find anything somewhere", Moscow is one of the largest trading hubs on Earth. A neverending stream of goods pulse through the ports of the city, giving it a perpetual energy and feeling of a town on the move. Moscow is also the current home of the Governors Council.

New York[edit | edit source]

Old world architecture stands beside modern design aesthetics along the labyrinthine streets of this historic city. New York is not only the political center of the Empire, but a highly influential beacon for culture, technology and commerce.

Shanghai[edit | edit source]

While home to the largest starport in the State of Asiatica, Shanghai began to redesign their city to bring an element of nature back into the superstructures and skyscrapers, following a movement to restore some of the sitting gardens and parks lost to overpopulation during the 22nd century.

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Moons[edit | edit source]


A large natural satellite that is tidally locked with Earth. The first celestial object Humanity ever visited.

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