Drake Dragonfly Exploration Wreckage 01B
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary
Primary FocusExploration
Secondary FocusBoarding
Minimum Crew1
Maximum Crew2
Standalone Price35$
Cargo Capacity1
Max Power Plant Size [?]1
Factory Power Plant1× S1
Max Engine [?]
(primary thruster)
Factory EngineTR1
Factory Maneuvering ThrustersTR1
Max Shield [?]1× S1
Shield1× S1

A candidate for the 3rd starter ship poll, which lost out to the Reliant. However, presumably during the design stage of the Caterpillar, the role of the Dragonfly was turned into a sub snub ship, capable of docking in high numbers inside a Caterpillar or various other ships with larger cargo holds and properly sized access ramps, instead of a fully-fledged starter ship.

Official Description

You don’t so much as climb into the Dragonfly as you do put it on around you. In short, it’s the closest thing to strapping an engine and a weapons mount to your spacesuit… or, as the advertising campaign claims, it’s the closest thing to riding the vacuum yourself. Occupying somewhere in the pantheon between a snub fighter and an Aurora, the Dragonfly is a speedy, maneuverable ultralight designed to be cheaply constructed in large numbers and to be readily customized by hobbyists. Dragonfly’s have become the favorite of a particular brand of enthusiast that frequently gather together to share their modifications, off-track race… and other less legitimate "hobbies."

Additional information

The Dragonfly will actively operate in two different configurations, as it will be able to be used in zero-gravity environments or on the surface of planets, though it won't be able to achieve orbit or re-enter atmosphere on its own. While not in use the Dragonfly will be capable of rearranging its hull elements into a compact, space-saving, configuration.

During the RTV episode before the sale it was announced that the Dragonfly would be available in a limited edition yellow finish, called Yellowjacket, during the original concept sale and that it would be much harder to acquire one in the post-launch live Universe. However, the black and grey finish, standard production, model was available for sale as well. In addition there was a Caterpillar package including one of each Dragonflies and all of the ships had LTI included. The concept sale began on the 17th of June 2016 and lasted for ten days.

The Dragonfly was a favorable investment for backers who were interested in acquiring one for the sole purpose of CCUing it to some other ship in the future, considering its relatively low price point.

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