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The Development Timeline or Road Map details the features and game mechanics that have been gradually added to Star Citizen over the span of the ongoing development, as well as the main tasks undertaken by the various studios.

CitizenCon 2014 [1][]

CitizenCon 2014 Road Map

Late 2014
Arena Commander 1.0
2015 (Approximate Order)
- FPS module
- Planetside/Social Module Launch
- Arena Commander 2.0
- Squadron 42 Chapter One
- Planetside expands to Persistent Universe Alpha

CitizenCon 2014 Road Map (2)

Arena Commander 1.0
- Lobby System
- Major improvements to Broken Moon and Dying Star
- Big improvements to the New Horizon Speedway
- Major improvements to the missile and countermeasure gameplay loop
- New game mechanics
- Proximity warning improvements
- Major improvements to spectator and cinematic cameras
- New weapons and ship parts
- Leaderboard improvements

CitizenCon 2015 [2][]

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map

SC Alpha 1.3.0
- Behring Ballistic Cannon S4
- Apocalypse Arms Mass Driver S2
- Additional Emotes
- Character Loadout Selector in Hangar
- ArcCorp Additions and Improvements
- Improved Elevator Interface
- Improved Chat
- Improved AR

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (2)

- Functional Buggies
- Functional Respawn
- Multiplayer ArcCorp v2 (increased players per instance)
- Updated Hangar Lighting (SelfLand and Revel&York)
- Improbed Player Dead-Reckoning
- Map Specific Loading Screen
- Updated ArcCorp Screen Videos
- Animated Clouds

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (3)

SC Alpha 2.0
- The beginning of the Persistent Universe... SC Alpha combines:
Space flight
EVA (Zero-Gravity)
- Large World Technology: A playable area of One Million Kilometers square and 200,000 Kilometers high!
- Multicrew Technology: Local Grids in Ship Interiors enable dynamic gameplay based on a real physics and a gravitational system
- Zone Streaming System: Seamless gameplay over huge areas with no loading screens!
- One small step for Star Citizen, one giant leap for Video Games...

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (4)

What will we find there?
- The Planet Crusader: a massive gas giant the equivalent size of Jupiter and its three moons Cellin, Yela and Daymar
- Port Olisar: a large transit hub where you begin your adventure from one of the 64 "Bunk Rooms"
- Security Post Kareah: an unused Security Station that is now a hotly contested "data mine" for those willing to take the risk
- The Covalex Shipping Hub: a Logistic Station that recently suffered a catastrophic accident and has now become a derelict ghost station

CitizenCon 2015 Road Map (5)

- Several 'offline' Communication Arrays that were supposed to provide coverage for this region of space. Pirate activity is suspected
- Numerous Research Satellites that the Imperial Cartography Center use to look for new "Jump Points"
- Cry-Astro Service Platforms that will allow Players to re-arm, re-fuel and repair

CitizenCon 2016 [3][]

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map

2.6 Progress Report
Game Play Updates
- Additional Star Marine features
- Updated Arena Commander
- Crusader map expanded content
- Lobby and Leaderboards totally refactored
- Flight Model rebalanced
Core Tech
- New Music Logic System
- Camera system updated for 3rd person
-'Stay in game' without going back to the lobby

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (2)

Arena Commander
- New Virtual Ship customisation interface
- New Pirate Swarm arena
- Persistent Missiles
- Reload from pickups dropped by kills
- Full Scorung Rebalance
- Most ships now available for use in Private Matches

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (3)

Star Marine
New Locations
- 'Station Damien' - Up to 4 vs 4
- 'Echo Eleven' - Up to 12 vs 12
Game Modes
- Deathmatch
- Control
New Content
- New Armor, Weapons and Grenades
- Tactical Visor (with Radar)
- Friendly player identification
- Looting system implemented
- Achievements and Ribbons

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (4)

3.0 The Stanton System
Basic Professions
- Trading
- Cargo Transport
- Piracy and Smuggling
- Mercenary
- Bounty Hunter
Stanton System Roll Out
New Ships
- RSI Ursa Rover
- Drake Dragonfly
- Drake Caterpillar
- RSI Constellation Aquila

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (5)

3.1 Mining & Refining
Refining and Processing
Quantum Interdiction
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- Drake Cutlass Red & Blue
- Anvil Terrapin
- MISC Prospector
- Origin 85x
- AEGIS Reclaimer

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (6)

3.2 Repair & Salvage
Mercenary - Covert Operations
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- RSI Constellation Taurus
- RSI Constellation Phoenix
- AEGIS Vanguard Harbinger
- AEGIS Vanguard Sentinel

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (7)

3.3 Farming & Rescue
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- Anvil Carrack
- 890 Jump
- Banu Merchantman
- MISC Reliant - All Variants

CitizenCon 2016 Road Map (8)

4.0 Jump Points
Travel to multiple Star Systems
Exploration and Discovery
Science and Research
Additional Solar System Locations
New Ships
- RSI Orion
- Anvil Crucible


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