Cutlass Red[1]
ManufacturerDrake Interplanetary
FocusSearch & Rescue
Maximum Crew4
Standalone Price$120[2]
Mass (empty)36000
Cargo Capacity32.64 Standard Cargo Units[3]
Max Power Plant Size [?]4
Factory Power PlantLR-7 MAX OverDrive (3)
Main Thrusters [?]2x TR 4
Factory Engine2x HM 4.4
Maneuvering Thrusters [?]4x TR 3 + 8x TR 1
Factory Maneuvering Thrusters4x Trireme Dio S-3 + 8x Trireme Dio S-1
Max Shield [?]4
ShieldInvincible X
HardpointsWeapons Systems
×Class 12x S3 - 2x Suckerpunch distortion cannon (1)
×Class 21x S3
Additional Equipment1x Secure Plus Docking Collar, 1x Suregrip Tractor Turret, 1x Long Range Scanner.

Official Description

The Cutlass Red converts the standard cargo hold to a well-equipped medical facility including an Autodoc. This starbound ambulance features the Nav-E7 Echo Transponder, a long range scanner, and a Secure Plus Docking Collar, making it ideal for search and rescue. This model also features a unique Red Crossbones skin.[1]

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See Also


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