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Crusader is a gas giant in the Stanton system and is property of Crusader Industries. Crusader was released in Alpha 3.14.0. It is the centerpoint of most of the Stanton system and home of Orison space port

A low mass gas giant that features a breathable atmosphere at high altitudes. This was an ideal situation for ship manufacturer Crusader, who now occupies the planet's floating platforms to build massive ships like the Starliner.



Although the planet is in the jurisdiction of the UEE, it is not represented in the UEE Senate to avoid possible corruption.






Orison is a upcoming city entirely built of connecting floating platforms.



Crusader is orbited by three Moons, Yela, Cellin and Deymar.


Burning with volcanic activity, Cellin is the counter to her icy sister. Although the volcanoes have been dormant for hundreds of years, the surface is dotted with thermal geysers that erupt without notice. The largest of such geysers can destroy heavy vehicles. Highly corrosive clouds of gas are regularly released from the moon’s surface, creating low visibility and damaging anything caught outside.


Daymar’s surface is like a harmonic blend of Yela and Cellin. It’s mountainous surface is reminiscent of Cellin’s volcanoes, while it's craters share a warm likeness to Yela’s frozen crevasses. Known for it's dense atmosphere, thick fog and a loose dirt surface which makes travel difficult. Lightning storms can help illuminate the fog, just don’t get struck by their flash.


Yela is the most frigid of the Crusader moons. Those bold (or careless) enough to step outside without a spacesuit will be killed instantly by its freezing temperatures. If the cold doesn’t kill you, than any of the treacherous crevasses that criss-cross the moon might. Cryovolcanos have been known to erupt unexpectedly from such crevasses, so be wary when flying at low altitudes. Despite all its danger, there is much beauty to be found on Yela, like the underwater caves hidden beneath the moon’s crust.

Artificial objects

Port Olisar

Port Olisar is the largest space station in the Stanton system in relation to landing pads with a total of 44 pads of various sizes.

Comm Array ST2-55

Comm Array ST2-55 is the local network communications satellite for Crusader and its surrounding space.



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