343,678,482 USD total pledge amount as of 2. February 2021

The crowdfunding campaign started in 2012[source?] and until 7th April 2013 was also simultaneously running on kickstarter.com[1] The kickstarter campaign raised a total of $2,134,374 at which the campaign had raised a combined total of $8,525,040.[2] On 4th March 2014 the campaign set a Guinness World Record for Most crowdfunded project (overall) after raising $39,680,576.[3]

Star Citizen has raised a total of $343,678,482 as of 2nd February 2021, the real-time amount can be seen on the official website.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Individual Backer Rewards[edit | edit source]

Through donating to the cause, players received a wide range of in game and real life benefits and merchandise. The full list of pledges and add-ons ranges from ships with lifetime insurance to hard copies of game manuals, novels, t-shirts, and even private in-game clubs.[4]

Crowdfunding Rewards[edit | edit source]

Once the crowdfunding campaign reached $6 million, all of the original stretch goals were set to be included in the game. These goals, along with the numerous goals reached since on the RSI page, are on display on the Stretch Goals page, and all crowdfunding rewards can be found on the List of backer rewards page.

Funding milestones[edit | edit source]

The following table details the amounts and dates when crowd funding milestones were met.

Amount Reached $ Date Note
$2.0 million October 25, 2012
$3.0 million November 8, 2012
$4.0 million November 16, 2012
$5.0 million November 18, 2012
$6.0 million November 19, 2012
$6,238,563 November 19, 2012 Last day of Kickstarter campaign
$7.0 million
$8.0 million February 15, 2013 Metal upgrades for Bronze and Silver cards
$9.0 million April 29, 2013 Lifetime Insurance given to all who have signed up.
$10.0 million June 10, 2013
$20.0 million September 26, 2013
$30.0 million November 24, 2013
$40.0 million March 10, 2014
$42,336,241 April 16, 2014 20:58 UTC all Alpha Slots gone
$48,182,163 July 16, 2014 500,000 Star Citizens!
$50.0 million August 15, 2014 During Gamescom, Constellation variants released for sale.
$60.0 million November 2, 2014 Day after PAX Australia, during Herald concept sale
$70.0 million January 24, 2015 Day after PAX South
$80.0 million April 26, 2015 880,355 Star Citizen, The UEE Fleet: 681,479
$90.0 million October 2, 2015 987,912 Star Citizen, The UEE Fleet: 764,837
$92,355,979 October 12, 2015; 22:57 UTC 1,000,000 Star Citizen, The UEE Fleet: 765,773
$100.0 million December 13, 2015 Day after launch of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0
$125.0 million October 7, 2016 RSI Polaris Pre-Sale - $625 USD for Subscribers and Concierge
$150.0 million May 19, 2017 AEGIS Eclipse Concept Sale (until June 3rd)
$175.0 million December 28, 2017
$200.0 million November 17, 2018 During Anniversary Sale 2948; Roberts Space Industries.png Letter from the Chairman on RSI Website
$225.0 million May 9, 2019
$250.0 million Dec 1, 2019
$275.0 million March 27, 2020
$300.0 million June 13, 2020 During Alien Week
$325.0 million November 26, 2020 During IAE 2950
$350.0 million TBD

Chris Roberts' Vision on Crowdfunding[edit | edit source]

The following statement expresses why crowd funding is still open on Star Citizen.

I will never build a game where I don't have full creative control. It's one of the reasons I haven't built another Wing Commander despite overtures over the years from EA to come back.

Having said that Star Citizen has always had financial investors as the estimated budget for Star Citizen was bigger than I thought was possible through crowd funding. We were clear about this from the start. If we didn't have this I don't think anyone would have believed we could build the game we're building.

The great thing with the success of the crowd funding is that we now actually need a lot less of this money, which means that the investors will have a much smaller share of the company and thus less say in the long term business decisions of the company (which are different than the creative decisions made building Star Citizen). There was a fairly lengthy interview I did in GamesBeat that goes into detail on why this is a good thing and why the more we raise during development from the crowd why it will be better for the community and the long term direction of the game. You can read the interview here -

Chris Roberts interview on GamesBeat

My dream is to make Star Citizen a 100% community funded game, with the investor money being only for contingency. I'm not counting on this but if we can do this it will be saying something about the power of the crowd as Star Citizen is not your normal crowd funded game - it's something that will compete with the biggest AAA games out there.

–Chris Roberts

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