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Crime Stat is a rating that measures the degree and/or quantity of crimes a player has committed, ranging from '1' for minor infractions, up to '5' for extremely serious and repeated offences. A Crime Stat is only given for crimes committed in UEE controlled space, with an active Comm Array. The rating is permanent until the player either: pays outstanding fines for Crime Stats 1-2, or if the rating is 3-5 you will either need to serve a prison sentence at the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility on Hurston's moon Aberdeen, or clear the criminal record by hacking a security terminal.

If you die while having having a Crime Stat level 3-5, you will wake up in a hospital outside UEEs jurisdiction, such as Grim HEX.

Crime Stats[]

Infractions and their corresponding fines can be viewed here: Jurisdiction: United Empire of Earth

Crime Stat 1[]

Paying fine/s accrued in this tier will completely clear your Crime Stat.

Crime Stat 2[]

Paying the fines accrued at tier 2 will lower you to Crime Stat 1.

Crime Stat 3[]

This is where things get serious, and all the following occurs:

  • You will be refused landing permission at all UEE controlled planetary space ports and space stations.
  • Space station turrets, UEE security personnel and UEE navy ships will attack you on sight.
  • You lose access to all lawful missions, including bounties, mercenary and emergency beacons; any active lawful missions will be closed and marked as failures.
  • Bounties are posted on mission boards for other players to lawfully track and kill you; if they succeed you will awaken at the Klescher Rehabilitation Facility.

Crime Stat 4[]

Bounties on your head increase, making you a more attractive target.

Crime Stat 5[]

Bounties on your head increase again, making you a prime target for hunters.

Erasing the Crime Stat[]

Crime Stats 1 and 2 can be cleared by paying the relevant fines at the Fines and Citations Systems terminals, which are found at space ports and space stations.

Since the release of v3.18 Crime Stats 3-5 can only be erased at space station Security Post Kareah, found at Crusader's moon Cellin.

Attempts to use a CryptoKey at the previously useful security terminals found in bunker outposts at MT DataCenter 4HJ-LVE-A, Security Depot Hurston-1 and Security Depot Lyria-1 now results in destruction of the CryptoKey and failure to login as the admin.

CryptoKeys self-destruct once the process to gain admin access has started.

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