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Crime is any illegal activity in the Star Citizen universe.

Crime Organizations


Syndicates include any group of people bound together as a single entity for the purposes of criminal enterprise. There are probably hundreds of syndicates of various sizes throughout the UEE. The larger syndicates can handle a wide variety of illegal services (drugs, slaves, and smuggling) while others are specialized (hit squads, for example). Even though any group of like-minded criminals could classify as a Syndicate, the name has a connotation of a highly organized and well-structured organization.[1]

Types of Crime



Information Agents

These shadowy information brokers are the local fixers for the criminal element. They can either represent a local syndicate or they can be freelancers, but these infoagents are the ones to talk to if you’re looking to make a smuggling run or you've got some boosted product to offload.[1]


  • Stims: A legal drug commonly smoked as a cigarette, comprised of various combinations of tobacco, caffeine, and mood enhancer.
  • SLAM: A fear-inhibitor and painkiller. Crystalline in appearance,. most commonly cracked and inhaled from vials in the form of a gas. Users get the "shakes" as side effect.
  • WiDoW: A thick ink-black opiate. Injected as a liquid. Extensive use stains the veins black, creating web-like subcutaneous patterns through the body.
  • Neon: A slight hallucinogenic club drug which affects the nervous system.
  • Color: An ingested tranquilizer and knock-out hallucinogen believed to be Xi’An in origin. It’s lethal in high concentrations. Looks like flakes of bark.


Slavery is very illegal in UEE space but it happens. Some might argue that sledging rock on a frontier world for minimum wage is effectively slave labor. But real slavery can exist on the fringe among unscrupulous Corps and wannabe entrepreneurs. If the UEE discovers that it’s happening, they will definitely crack down.{[2] There are accounts of worlds within the Banu Protectorate that allows the ownership of slaves. As far as the Xi’An, they tell us that slavery is illegal.[2]

Trafficking Sentient cargo is a risky proposition. Even among criminals, slavers are generally regarded as scum. Even so, slavery still exists in corners of the UEE. Sometimes it’s dressed up with names like indentured servitude, but it is slavery, nonetheless. Some incredibly unscrupulous Corps will hire slavers to “recruit” employees for sledge camps (distant mining settlements that use manual labor to dig through rock). Slaves are also purchased to fight in gladiatorial rings or for off-grid scientific experimentation.

Slaves can come from any culture: Human, Banu, Tevarin, or Xi’An. Some Traffickers have even been known to abduct aliens from developing worlds.

There are two phases to any slave’s introduction to servitude. Traffickers can handle one or both of these phases. First they are snatched. This can happen in the largest cities or most remote settlements. Then they are transported. Different trafficking outfits have different methods (this will usually indicate how sophisticated their operation is). Some throw them in a cage like any other live cargo, while others will anesthetize their products and transport them in scan-shielded coffins. Sometimes tracking studs are embedded into their bodies (usually as a visible marker on the wrist), coded so their owner can easily locate them but also to indicate that they are enslaved.

–Writer's Guide 5[1]

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