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Name Species Created in Based on Role
Advanced Special Operations Human 2523 Military institution
Banu Protectorate Banu Government institution
Government Cartography Agency Human 2531 Public information service
Imperial Cartography Center Human 2546 Public information service
United Empire of Earth Human 2610 Earth Government institution
United Empire of Earth Army Human Military institution
United Empire of Earth Marines Human 2558 Corin Military institution
United Empire of Earth Navy Human 2610 MacArthur Military institution
United Empire of Earth Senate Human Earth Legislative institution
United Nation of Earth Human 2380 Earth Government institution
United Planets of Earth Army Human 2523 Military institution
United Planets of Earth Navy Human 2523 Military institution
Xi'an Empire Xi'an Government institution

Name Species Created in Based on Role
New United [[]]
SSN/CAtv [[]]
Terra Gazette [[]]
United Times [[]]
United Times/Tribune [[]]
United/Tribune [[]]

Name Industry Abbreviation Founded Headquarters
Aegis Dynamics Spacecraft manufacture AEGS 2532 Cestulus, Davien system
Anvil Aerospace Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
ANVL 2772 Terra, Terra system
Aopoa Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
AOPA Ka’ua, Hyoton system
Argo Astronautics Spacecraft manufacture ARGO 2243 Mars, Sol system
Casse Aerospace Spacecraft manufacture 2599
Consolidated Outland Spacecraft manufacture CNOU Rytif, Bremen system
Crusader Industries Spacecraft manufacture
Spacecraft components
CRSD 2799 Crusader, Stanton system
Drake Interplanetary Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
DRAK 2845 Borea, Magnus system
Esperia Spacecraft manufacture
Weapon manufacture
ESRA 2873 Terra, Terra system
Flashfire Systems Weapon components FLSY 2904 Angeli, Croshaw system
Greycat Industrial Commercial and industrial goods
Vehicle manufacture
Mining equipment
Ground transportation
GRIN 2337 Mars, Sol system
Kruger Intergalactic Spacecraft manufacture
Spacecraft components
Weapon components
KRIG 2558 Cascom, Castra system
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Spacecraft manufacture MISC 2805 Saisei, Centauri system
Nav-E7 Gadgets Spacecraft components NAV7 Earth, Sol system
Origin Jumpworks Spacecraft manufacture ORIG Terra, Terra system
Roberts Space Industries Spacecraft
Spacecraft components
RSI 2038 Earth, Sol system
Tumbril Land Systems Vehicle manufacture TMBL 2536 (originally, bankrupt)
2941 (naming rights)
Saisei, Centauri system