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Name Industry Abbreviation Founded Headquarters
987 987
Abernathy Interiors ABI
Accelerated Mass Design Electronics design; Spacecraft components; Electronics tuning AMD 2899
Ace Astrogation Private ACAS
Aegis Dynamics Spacecraft manufacture AEGS 2532 Cestulus, Davien system
Aeroview Hangars AEHA
Alejo Brothers ALB
Alliance Startech ALST
Amon & Reese Co. Weapons manufacture AMRS 2500s Locke, Idris system
Anvil Aerospace Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
ANVL 2772 Terra, Terra system
Aopoa Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
AOPA Ka’ua, Hyoton system
Apocalypse Arms Weapons manufacture APAR 2913 Lo, Corel system
ArcCorp (company) ARCO ArcCorp (planet), Stanton system
Argo Astronautics Spacecraft manufacture ARGO 2243 Mars, Sol system
ArmaMod Weapon components ARMA
Arrow and Ross Weapon Systems ARWS
Ascension Astro Spacecraft components ASAS 2901 Terra, Terra system
Associated Science and Development Weapons manufacture ASD Persei, Rhetor system
Basilisk Spacecraft components; Armor BASL 2530 Cascom, Castra system
Behring Applied Technology Weapons manufacture
Weapon attachments
Munitions manufacture
Spacecraft components
BEHR 2554 Terra, Terra system
MacArthur, Kilian system
Beijing Reactor and Enrichment Company BREC 2935
Bevic Group BEVI
BiotiCorp BIOT 2915 Reisse, Rhetor system
BlacJac Security Private Security Firm 2885 Tram, Asura, Ferron system
Bounty Hunters Guild Service Union
2387 New York, Earth, Sol system
Broad & Rabiee BRRA
CC's Conversions Armor customization; Armor resale CCC
Caldera Armor CLDA
Casaba Outlet Retail CAOU 2843
Casse Aerospace Spacecraft manufacture 2599
CenterMass Weapons retail; Armor retail; Armor repair; Weapon repair; Spacecraft component repair
Chimera Communications Communications; Scanner manufacture; Radar manufacture CHCO
City Lights CTL
Civilian Defense Force CDF 2947 Stalford, Rytif, Bremen system
Clark Defense Systems CLDS Sherman, Castra system
Clarkson Energies Weapon components CLKS
Consolidated Outland Spacecraft manufacture CNOU Rytif, Bremen system
Cousin Crow's Custom Craft Spacecraft conversions
Spacecraft decorations
Spacecraft paints
Covalex Shipping Shipping; Hauling COVA
Crusader Industries Spacecraft manufacture
Spacecraft components
CRSD 2799 Crusader, Stanton system
Crusader Security Police Force 2865 Orison, Crusader, Stanton system
CureLife Medical equipment CRLF
Derion DRN
Doomsday Armor manufacturer DOOM
Drake Interplanetary Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
DRAK 2845 Borea, Magnus system
Dumper's Depot Retail
EZ Hab Prefabricated housing EZHA
Eckhart Security Private Security
Escar Limited ELD
Esperia Spacecraft manufacture
Weapon manufacture
ESRA 2873 Terra, Terra system
Farnes Media Partners
Fiore FIO
Firestorm Kinetics Weapons manufacture FSKI Cascom, Castra system
Flashfire Systems Weapon components FLSY 2904 Angeli, Croshaw system
FoveaInc FOVE
Friskers Semiconductor Computer systems; Batteries FRSM
GSN Spectrum Broadcasting
Gallenson Tactical Systems Weapons manufacture GATS 2763 Earth, Sol system
Gatac Manufacture Spacecraft manufacture
Vehicle manufacture
GAMA Hyoton II
Gemini Weapons manufacture GMNI ArcCorp (planet), Stanton system
Gold Horizon Orbital platform manufacture GOHO 2546
Gorgon Defender Industries Spacecraft components; Spacecraft shields GODI 2885 Vann, Croshaw system
Greycat Industrial Commercial and industrial goods
Vehicle manufacture
Mining equipment
Ground transportation
GRIN 2337 Mars, Sol system
Grindstone Boots GSB
Groupe Nouveau Paradigme Spacecraft components GRNP 2908
Hammer Propulsion Spacecraft components HAPR
Hardpoint Guys Spacecraft component retail; Spacecraft modification HAGU
Hathor Group Mining 2399
Hawksworth's HWK
Hedeby Gunworks Weapons manufacture HDGW 2921 Asura, Ferron system
Hurston Dynamics Materials processor; Weapons manufacture; Munitions manufacture HUDY 2438 Hurston, Stanton system
Hurston Security Corporate and Planetary Security 2446 Lorville, Hurston, Stanton system
Hydra Propulsion HYPR
InterDimension Software Game development INSO 2941 MicroTech (planet), Stanton system
Iolo Industries IOLN
J-Span JPAN 2827
Joker Engineering Weapons manufacture JOKR ArcCorp (planet), Stanton system
Juno Starwerk JUST
Kastak Arms Weapons manufacturer KSAR 2738 Selene, Vega system
Klaus and Werner Weapons manufacture KLWE 2839 Earth, Sol system
KnightBridge Arms Weapons manufacture KBAR Severus, Kiel system
Kroneg Weapons manufacture KRON
Kruger Intergalactic Spacecraft manufacture
Spacecraft components
Weapon components
KRIG 2558 Cascom, Castra system
Lightning Bolt Company Weapons manufacture LBOC 2921
Lightning Power Ltd. LPLT
Live Fire Weapons Retail - Small arms
MT Protection Services Police Force 2891 New Babbage, MicroTech (planet), Stanton system
MaxOx Weapons manufacture MXOX Reisse, Rhetor system
MicroTech (company) Computer; Electronic consumer goods; Spacecraft components 2782 MicroTech (planet), Stanton system
Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern Spacecraft manufacture MISC 2805 Saisei, Centauri system
Nav-E7 Gadgets Spacecraft components NAV7 Earth, Sol system
New Beliefs
New United News agency 2792
NorthStar NRS
Northrock Service Group Private security 2846 New Austin, Terra, Terra system
Nova Pyrotechnica Weapons manufacture NOVP 2932 Terra, Terra system
OpalSky OPS
Origin Jumpworks Spacecraft manufacture ORIG Terra, Terra system
Original Systems ORSY
Platinum Bay Retail - Ship components
Preacher Armaments Weapons manufacture PRAR 2931 Rytif, Bremen system
ProtLife Insurance
Pyrotechnic Amalgamated PYRA
Quirinus Tech Armor manufacture QRT
R6-Pro R6P
RAMP Corporation RAMP
Rayari Inc RAI 2792
Reclamation and Disposal 2865 Lorville, Hurston, Stanton system
Rest and Relax Spacecraft repair
Spacecraft refuel
RERA 2901
Revel & York Hangar manufacture RVYK
Roberts Space Industries Spacecraft
Spacecraft components
RSI 2038 Earth, Sol system
Roussimoff Rehabilitation Systems Armor manufacture; Weapons manufacture RRS Earth, Sol system
SELF-LAND Hangar manufacture SELA Vann, Croshaw system
SSN/CAtv News agency
Saga Datasystems SADA 2847
Sakura Sun Commercial and industrial goods; Spacecraft components; Armor; Weapons SASU Earth, Sol system
Seal Corporation SECO
Shubin Interstellar Terraforming; Mining; Mining equipment; Commercial and industrial goods SHIN 2410 MicroTech (planet), Stanton system
Souli SOUL
Spar Van Miles Apparal SPV
Stegman's SCU
Stor*All Commercial and industrial goods STOR 2745 Lo, Corel system
Takuetsu Starships TAKU 2894
Talisman TALI
Talon Weapon Systems Weapons manufacture; Munitions manufacture TALN Angeli, Croshaw system
Tarsus Electronics TARS
Tehachapi Armor manufacture THPI
Terra Gazette News agency Terra
Terra Mills Food; Beverages TEMI 2665 Terra, Terra system
Thermyte Concern Weapons manufacture; Munitions manufacture; Mining equipment; Demolitions THCN Asura, Ferron system
Torral Aggregate Weapons manufacture TOAT Ka'ua, Hyoton system
Torreele FoodStuffs TOFO
Trident Attack Systems Weapons manufacture; Weapon components TRAS 2803
Tumbril Land Systems Vehicle manufacture TMBL 2536 (originally, bankrupt)
2941 (naming rights)
Saisei, Centauri system
Tyler Design and Tech TYDT
UltiFlex Weapons manufacture ULFX Earth, Sol system
United Times News agency 2100
United Times/Tribune News agency 2438
United/Tribune News agency 2638
Upsiders UPS
VFG Industrial Hangar Manufacturer
Vaughn Assassination Broker 2446
Verified Offworld Laser Technologies Weapons manufacture VOLT
Virgil Ltd Armor manufacture VGLT Aremis, Vega system
Wei-Tek WETK
Wen/Cassel Propulsion WECA
WillsOp Systems WLOP

Name Species Created in Based on Role
Advanced Special Operations Human 2523 Military institution
Banu Protectorate Banu Government institution
Government Cartography Agency Human 2531 Public information service
Imperial Cartography Center Human 2546 Public information service
United Empire of Earth Human 2610 Earth Government institution
United Empire of Earth Army Human Military institution
United Empire of Earth Marines Human 2558 Corin Military institution
United Empire of Earth Navy Human 2610 MacArthur Military institution
United Empire of Earth Senate Human Earth Legislative institution
United Nation of Earth Human 2380 Earth Government institution
United Planets of Earth Army Human 2523 Military institution
United Planets of Earth Navy Human 2523 Military institution
Xi'an Empire Xi'an Government institution