Green Citizen Card2
Citizen Cards are both digital and physical items. In the game, these cards will show your pilot's citizen status, social standing, credit account and more. Outside the game, they will be wallet sized cards to carry around as proof of a contributor's support of Star Citizen.

CIGC intended to deliver the physical cards by Christmas 2012, however due to the delays with integration of Kickstarter pledgers into RSI site the cards weren't shipped yet.

The deadline to submit information to receive a Citizen Card was February 16, 2013.[1]

This deadline was extended for people who did not have issues with their account for an unknown amount of time. As mentioned in the official post, people without account issues could for a time still upgrade their citizens cards in time for the production run.[2]

In order to obtain a citizen card, a contributor had to pledge at least $30 for the game. The cards come in different colors, depending on the pledge amount:

  • $30 - White Citizens Card (Scout)
  • $40 - White Citizens Card (Mercenary)
  • $60 - Green Citizens Card (Bounty Hunter)
  • $125 - Bronze Citizens Card (Colonel/Freelancer)
  • $250 - Silver Citizens Card (Rear Admiral)
  • $500 - Gold Citizens Card (Vice Admiral)
  • $1,000 - Platinum Citizens Card (High Admiral)
  • $2,500 - Platinum Citizens Card (Grand Admiral)
  • $5,000 - Black Citizens Card (Space Marshal)
  • $10,000 - Titanium Citizens Card (Wing Commander)

Metal upgrades for normally plastic Bronze and Silver Citizen Cards were made available for a limited time.[3]

Example Citizen Cards


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