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CitizenCon 2951 is a upcoming virtual event that will be held October 9, 2021.[1]


Following the days to CitizenCon 2951 CIG hosted various differernt contests.

Digital Goodies Pack

All backers will be rewarded with a free CitizenCon 2951 themed digital goodies pack.[2] The pack contains:


The begin of each panel can differ up to 30 Minutes from the announced start time.[3]

Time (UTC) Title Description Speaker Live/ Recorded
3:00 pm
Opening with Chris Roberts The Chairman himself, Chris Roberts kicks off this year’s event.
  • Chris Roberts
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
3:05 pm
Life in the ’Verse This year’s biggest panel takes you on a guided tour of the current in-game universe. Join the developers who bring it all to life to explore locations, systems, and gameplay, and more.
  • Ian Leyland
    Star Citizen Art Director
  • Todd Papy
    Star Citizen Live Director
  • David Haddock
    Narrative Director
  • And others.
5:15 pm
Ship Talk In this year’s Ship Talk presentation, John Crewe, Ben Curtis, and Paul Jones reveal new and upcoming ships, delve into their journey through production, and provide some much anticipated updates about a fan favorite vessel.
  • John Crewe
    Vehicle Director
  • Ben Curtis
    Vehicle Art Director
7:40 pm
Gen 12 & the Multicore of Vulkan We’ll delve into the nitty gritty details of Gen12, the new renderer being developed for Star Citizen and Squadron 42, utilizing the Vulkan graphics API, with a particular focus on multi-CPU parallelism as well as improved flexibility for quicker feature development. We’ll look at why it was needed, its architecture and how this aids performance, and we’ll give you an update on its progress.
  • Ali Brown
    Director of Graphics Engineering
  • Christopher Bolte
    Core Engine Architect
  • Silvan Hau
    Engine Programmer
  • Darrell Barnes
    Graphics Programmer
7:00 pm
Crafting Worlds: Planetary Tools & Tech A big-picture look at some of the new planet tech features being developed to help further bring Star Citizen to life.
  • Anis Hireche
    Senior Engine Programmer
  • Marc Rivoira
    Tools Programmer I
  • Morgan Minardi
    Engine/Tools Programmer II
  • Will Hain
    Engineer Programmer II
  • Marco Corbetta
    Vice President of Technology
8:00 pm
Server Meshing & the State of Persistence Discover the transformative technologies of Server Meshing and Persistent Streaming. A deep dive into the technical architecture of these key core initiatives that will enable a truly massive, scalable and persistent world.
  • Paul Reindell
    Director of Engineering, Online Technology
  • Benoit Beausejour
    Chief Technology Officer at Turbulent
8:30 pm
The Sounds of Space The mad minds behind the soundscapes of Star Citizen take you on a guided tour of the latest developments in the innovative new audio tech that truly brings the ’verse to life.
  • Graham Phillipson
    Lead Audio Programmer
  • Adi Keltsh
    Sound Designer
9:15 pm
Systemic Gameplay: Stream of Thought Tony Zurovec leads a wide-ranging discussion with Rob Reininger, Ben Dorsey, and Luke Pressley about upcoming features like selling used items, local inventory, the convergence of the reputation and mission systems, why physicalized cargo is so important, the next couple of Dynamic Events, and more. Tony will also give an update on how efforts to integrate the first few bits of the Quantum simulation into the game are proceeding.
  • Tony Zurovec
    Director of Persistent Universe
  • Rob Reininger
    Assistant Director, SGS Pillar
  • Ben Dorsey
    Senior Systems Designer
  • Luke Pressley
    Lead Designer
11:00 pm
Closing with Chris Roberts Chris Roberts returns to take us home.
  • Chris Roberts
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer




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