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This article is about a character, item or feature that was mentioned in official sources but is not implemented to the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen.
It might be implemented in the future, but a release date is not foreseeable.

Site of the infamous Synthworld Project. Chosen because it’s a sparse, vast, empty system. The planets Chronos I & II are dead worlds on an orbit very close to their sun. An ELE destroyed the planets on the outer half of the system, offering the perfect opportunity to design the Synthworld’s distance and orbit from the sun for optimal planetary conditions.

When the project began, there was a lot of traffic in and out of the system, but now, money and enthusiasm has waned. Deemed by some as an embarrassment, a financial vampire by others, the SynthWorld stands as a half-constructed monstrosity that most doubt will ever be completed. The government is still struggling to make the project a success.

Though its star has fallen, the SynthWorld Project is still an excellent place for traders to offload raw materials. With the proper bribes, contractors can bring in heavy metals, construction equipment and shipped labor to be sold at inflated government prices. Those who live outside the law should be wary: there may be no place in the galaxy worse for conducting illegal business. The UEE Navy's elite 18th Battle Fleet is on permanent station at Chronos and have spent years with little to do aside from practice their aim.[1][2]

This vast, sparse system contains only two dead worlds closely circling the G-type main sequence star at the center. Chronos' green zone was empty, making it the perfect location for the UEE's ambitious Synthworld project. Currently Chronos' only landing zone is Archangel Station, which was built to observe and aid the Synthworld's construction. Although the system's need for resources might make it a tempting target for outlaws, the UEE maintains a military presence to safeguard the project.

–ARK Starmap




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Space stations[]

Archangel Station

Archangel Station is a hub for scientists and engineers and main transshipment point for Synthworld.




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