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List of characters in the Star Citizen universe. Currently, many characters in Star Citizen operate as merchants or mission givers.

Name Status Species Occupation Voiced by
Aaron Fring Deceased Human Artist
Aaron Seetow Alive Human Soldier Jonathan Bailey
Aberdeen Hurston Deceased Human
Adina Kristof Alive Human Soldier
Agent Pickard Alive Human Edd Campbell Bird
Alan Nuevo Alive Human News presenter Circus Szalewski
Aldo Braga Alive Human Soldier Neil McDermott
Archibald Hurston Deceased Human CEO (formerly)
Aria Reilly Alive Human Soldier
Arial Hurston Deceased Human CEO (formerly)
Assan Kieren Deceased Human Governor of Terra
Astrid Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
August Beck Alive Human Soldier Eleanor Matsuura
Avo Lincoln Alive Human James Oliver Wheatley
Barlowe Elias Alive Human CEO
Becca Farneway Alive Human Soldier Gemma Whelan
Beck Russum Alive Human News presenter Sandi Gardiner
Benicio Lewis, Jr. Human
Brian Weiters Alive Human Peter Campion
Cal Mason Alive Human Soldier Jack Huston
Calah Hurston Alive Human Inspector General
Cara Webster Alive Human Soldier Sophie Wu
Caro (alias) Alive Human
Cass Vallon Alive Human Soldier Kezia Burrows
Cedric Cochran Alive Human Soldier
Charles Baxter Deceased Human Foreman
Claude Desaily Alive Human Soldier Charlie Anson
Clovus Darneely Alive Human Clerk
Coley Unknown Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Colt Legrande Alive Human News presenter Xavier J. Watson
Commander Alive Human Leader Hadrian Howard
Commander Slater Alive Human Shalen John Flanagan
Connie Hayes Alive Human Soldier Elsie Bennett
Conrad Vex Alive Human Soldier Tom Christian
Constantine Hurston Alive Human Jr. Outsourcing Manager
Corbyn Salehi Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Corsen Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Craig Burton Alive Human News presenter
Daniello Trebisch Alive Human Soldier
Danny Childress Deceased Human
Deacon Messer Deceased Human Imperator
Deborah Gilbert Alive Human Soldier
Detrick Rotobi Alive Human Cesare Taurasi
Devin Bautista Alive Human Security Officer David Menkin
Duncan Chakma Alive Human Soldier Liam Garrigan
Eddie Parr Alive Human Bartender Sia Alipour
Edward Aemile Alive Human Senator
Edward Coss Deceased Human Writer
Elisa Perkins Alive Human Soldier
Elwen Bertram Alive Human Charlie MacGechan
Erin Toi Deceased Human Imperator (2792 - 2802)
Ernst Bishop Alive Human Soldier Gary Oldman
Eugene Morrow Alive Human Soldier Stephen Bisland
Evelyn Ishitaka Alive Human Soldier Polly Eachus
Galor Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Gavin Hurston Alive Human CEO
Gayatari Deomana Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Giani Abir Alive Human Soldier Daniel Ben Zenou
Grace Bedford Alive Human Soldier Andrea Deck
Graham Yury Alive Human Soldier Daniel Ings
Hannigan Terrell Deceased Human Editor
Hester Polaris Deceased Human
Ian Rikkord Deceased Human
Illyana Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Isiah Hurston Deceased Human CEO (formerly, 2488-?)
Ita Hurston Deceased Human
Ivar Messer Deceased Human Imperator (2546 - 2592)
Jadier Clark Alive Human Soldier Silas Carson
Jax McCleary Alive Human Journalist
Jennifer Friskers Alive Human President and CEO
Jerry Deceased Banu
Joachim Steiger Alive Human Soldier Malachi Kirby
John Phillips Deceased Human Farmer
Julian Wexler Alive Human Director Ben Mendelsohn
Karisma Sata Human Fashion designer
Kelly Caplan Alive Human CEO (since 2863)
Kelos Albervar Alive Human Senator
Kelos Costigan Alive Human High-Secretary (formerly)
Imperator (2941 to 2950)
Kelsey Forset Deceased Human
Kerry Semler Alive Human Soldier
Lars Neuer Alive Human Soldier Parker Sawyers
Laylani Addison Alive Human Professor of Integrated Science and Xenotechnology (2922-2931)

Dean of Applied Science (2931-2947)
Imperator (2951 to present)

Leoni Kulkob Alive Human Clayton Froning
Linton Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Lisa Gibbs Alive Human Security Officer Hayley-Marie Axe
Livia Messer Deceased Human Imperator (2628 - 2643)
Luca Brunt Alive Human
Luis Bellosa Alive Human Soldier Steven Hartley
Luther Corvin Alive Human Soldier Tom Gill
Magda Hurston Deceased Human CEO (2883-2915)
Marco Verender Alive Human Commissioner
Marcus Corell Alive Human Damson Idris
Marius Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Markus Reyes Alive Human Vyn Asim
Marshall Leon Deceased Human Secretary of the UEE (2793 -?)

Imperator (2802 -?)

Michael Alstead Alive Human Soldier Ben Peel
Michael Shaw Alive Human Jason Wong
Mikkel Sheriden Unknown Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Miles Eckhart Alive Human CEO William Meredith
Mira Ngo Alive Human Senator
Nayara Fell Alive Human Soldier Sandi Gardiner
Neal Socolovich Deceased Human
Nick Croshaw Deceased Human Scientist
Nick Robson Alive Human James Palmer
Nicole Loewe Alive Human Soldier
Noah White Alive Human Soldier Liam Cunningham
Octavia Beate Alive Human Senator
Omar Salif Alive Human Soldier
Phil Declan Alive Human Pit Chief Glenn Wrage
Rachel Lester Alive Human Senator
Rachel MacLaren Alive Human Soldier Gillian Anderson
Randall Graves Alive Human Soldier John Rhys-Davies
Raymond Castor Deceased Human Journalist
Rebecca Childress Deceased Human
Rebecca Trejo Alive Human Special Agent in Charge Eleanor Tomlinson
Recco Battaglia Alive Human Ania Sowinski
Rhedon Lamr Deceased Human Agent
Robert Thorn Deceased Human High-Advocate
Rowena Dulli Alive Human CDF Coordinator - Stanton System Anna Demetriou
Ryan Enright Alive Human Soldier Henry Cavill
Sal Drak Alive Human Grant Gillespie
Samuel Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Sato Karne Alive Human Leader Harry Treadaway
Scott Childress Deceased Human
Sergeant Grey Alive Human Soldier Avin Shah
Shelley Field Deceased Human News reporter
Shrin Vaatu Alive Xi'an Pilot
Sigfried Behr Alive Human Soldier Arkie Reece
Silas Koerner Alive Human CEO
Solomon Hurston Deceased Human Founder
CEO (2438-2488)
Sophia Kelly Alive Human Soldier Rhona Mitra
Spenser Gallo Alive Human Soldier Jane Perry
Stephen Nguyen Deceased Human Senator
Steve Colton Alive Human Soldier Mark Hamill
Susan Vise Alive Human Victoria Emslie
Tal Kale Deceased Human High Command
Tecia Pacheco Alive Human Fixer Katrina Nare
Terrence Akari Deceased Human Senator
Terri Santos Human
Tessa Bannister Alive Human 2nd-Class Junior Cartographer Clare Fraenkel
Thomas Wade Alive Human Soldier
Thul'Óqquray Alive Vanduul Andy Serkis
Toshi Aaron Deceased Human
Twayng Kray Alive Xi'an Emperor
Tyler Ford Alive Human Soldier Jennifer Marshall
Ulysses Messer Deceased Human Imperator of the United Empire of Earth
Val Messer Deceased Human
Vasquez Deceased Human
Vat Tagaca Alive Human Craig Fairbrass
Vernon Tar Deceased Human
Viola Filler Deceased Human Journalist
Wallace Klim Alive Human Drug chemist
Will Haines Alive Human Soldier Leemore Marrett Jr.
William Fallows Alive Human Soldier
Woodrow Tannen Alive Human Soldier Peter Silverleaf
Óqquray Alive Vanduul Patrice Maiambana