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The Cano system is a single star system consisting of a yellow dwarf with four planets and has two jump points. The system is protected under the Fair Chance Act after life was discovered on Carteyna, The already ongoing terraforming process was halted and the human population that was allowed to remain on the planet was ordered to live in a restricted zone.[1]

Cano is a four-planet UEE star system discovered in 2463. The largest population in the system is located on the the planet Carteyna (Cano II), an ocean world that geoengineers were attempting to terraform until developing life was discovered in the deep oceans. Since then, protective laws have been put into place and the current inhabitants are restricted to living in arcologies under the northern ice cap.

–ARK Starmap




Travel information[]


Cano I

This tidally locked planet rapidly orbits the central star.


Cano III

Home to a small research station looking into terraforming smog planets.

Cano IV

A large gas giant composed of multiple bands of reds and browns. Surface scans indicate that the surface suffers from massive storms, some as large as a thousand kilometers in diameter.

Stellar objects[]

Cano Belt Alpha

Space stations[]

  • None




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