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The CF-447 Rhino Repeater is a size 4 laser repeater manufactured by Klaus and Werner.

When a ship comes charging at you with a CF-447 Rhino strapped on, it is an experience few pilots will ever forget. This formidable size four laser repeater from Klaus & Werner is well suited for medium-range engagements, but packs a wallop up close.

–In game description


Store name Price aUEC Location
Ship gun shop (HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station) 22,250 HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station
Ship gun shop (HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station) 22,250 HUR-L3 Thundering Express Station
Ship gun shop (HUR-L5 High Course Station) 22,250 HUR-L5 High Course Station

Equipped by default in

Compatible with

Ships and vehicles that can be outfitted with a  S  4 weapon.




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Patch history

  • Unknown date: Renamed from CF-337 Rhino to CF-447 Rhino Laser Repeater.
  • Unknown date: Renamed from CF-447 Rhino Laser Repeater to 447 Rhino Repeater.