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The CF-337 Panther Repeater is a size 3 laser repeater manufactured by Klaus and Werner.

The CF-337 Panther is the size three model in Klaus & Werner's laser repeater line. The Panther is a true fire-and-forget weapon with a respectable power consumption-to-damage ratio. Pilots who outfit their ships with Panthers rarely regret the decision.

–In game description


Store name Price aUEC Location
CenterMass (Area18) 8,926 Area18
CenterMass (New Babbage) 8,926 New Babbage
Ship gun shop (Baijini Point) 10,500 Baijini Point
Ship gun shop (HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station) 10,500 HUR-L2 Faithful Dream Station
Ship gun shop (HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station) 10,500 HUR-L4 Melodic Fields Station

Equipped by default in[]

Compatible with[]

Ships and vehicles that can be outfitted with a  S  3 weapon.




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Patch history[]

  • (Unknown date): Renamed from CF-227 Panther to CF-337 Panther Laser Repeater.
  • (Unknown date): Renamed from CF-337 Panther Laser Repeater to CF-337 Panther Repeater.