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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 19 days ago

AMA - Dynamic Events - September 8, 2021

All question that were answered in the AMA - Dynamic Events.

  • 1 Question 1 - Storm Raven
    • 1.1 Response - Auforius-CIG
  • 2 Question 2 – DarkdragonKev
    • 2.1 Response – Lpressley.CIG
  • 3 Question 3 – Morolith
    • 3.1 Response – Stormknife-cig
  • 4 Question 4 – Jorunn
    • 4.1 Response - Stormknife-cig
  • 5 Question 5 – Lennix
    • 5.1 Response – Auforius-CIG
  • 6 Question 6 – rabidCRABS
    • 6.1 Response – Stormknife-cig
  • 7 Question 7 – samages
    • 7.1 Response – Lpressley.CIG
  • 8 Question 8 – Angtom
    • 8.1 Response – Auforius-CIG
  • 9 Question 9 – rabidCRABS
    • 9.1 Response – Rreininger-CIG
  • 10 Question 10 – rabidCRABS
    • 10.1 Response – Rreininger-CIG
  • 11 Question 11 – JadeStarwatcher
    • 11.1 Response – Rreininger-CIG
  • 12 Question 12 – rabidCRABS
    • 12.1 Response – Lpressley.CIG
  • 13 Question 13 – JadeStarwatcher
    • 13.1 Response1 – Auforius-CIG
    • 13.2 Response2 –…

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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 21 days ago

This week in Star Citizen - September 6, 2021

This week in Star Citizen

XenoThreat Returns ends this Tuesday, this is the last chance to gain reputation with the CDF in order to receive the special edition armor set. It is not required to gain level 3 maximum reputation, it only matters with reputation level you are not how far you have progressed into the reputation level.

As previously mentioned, this weeks Roadmap Roundup will have some features pushed back and seemingly look like as they will be delayed but will in actuality skip the Tier 0 release state and rather be released in a more polished and usable state.

Round 1 of Ship Showdown 2951 starts Wednesday at 16:00 UTC / 11am CDT.


  • Monthly comm link from the "Ask A Dev" section on spectrum answered by the Narrative team
  • Subscr…
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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 24 days ago

Changes to feature releases announced

CIG today announced a change in the way how the Core Gameplay Pillar will release new features, the Core Gameplay Pillar incorporates the Actor Feature Team, Actor Tech Team, Weapon Feature Team and Weapon Content Team.

(Most) Features will no longer be released in a Tier 0, Tier 1, etc., state, but will rather be in a (almost) feature complete state. This change will have the effect that upcoming features will have a practical use case integrated with missions and other content within Star Citizen.

This change means that features will be released at a later date then currently announced, but will be of higher quality as the teams will have more uninterrupted time for development as the need for intermediate partial releases become no longer…

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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 25 August

Roadmap Roundup - August 25, 2021

Roadmap Roundup


Newly Added Deliverables

->  Player Reflection
This feature assures the player will see a believable representation of their character when looking into a mirror or other reflective surface in first person view.
->  Lean Over Cover
Implementing the tech and animation needed to allow characters and NPCs to push into cover objects, as well as look, lean, and shoot over them.
->  System Broadcaster
Implementing a system that enables the scheduling of various types of server-wide communications to players.
->  Destructible Environments
This feature will allow individual pieces of foliage to be destroyed, and this can also used to populate a destruction map to record data about ecosystem destruction.

Renamed and split into two…

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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 9 August

This week in Star Citizen - August 9, 2021

This week in Star Citizen

Alpha 3.14.0 went live last Friday, check the Patch notes here. And while the roll-out itself went smooth, bugs are a unavoidable recurrence in software development. Players may encounter that their Ships become unable to be retrieved from ship terminals or that they are unable to use their mobiGlas. While the last one can often be solved by making changes in the character customization, a non-retrievable ship can only be solved with a account reset. A full list of known issues can be found here:

A extra referral reward is available until August 31, 2021. Backers can receive a Dragonfly Black (including LTI…

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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 7 August

Alpha 3.14.0 is live!

It finally happened today, Alpha 3.14.0 was rolled out to the live servers and with it came many new features to the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen.

The last planet in the Stanton system, Crusader, came to live with the implementation of Orison. This 4th major landing zone for Stanton is constructed of a mesh of platforms floating in a high altitude, and it has a breathable atmosphere because of its unique markup.

Interiors of two hospitals were added, Brentworth Care Center in New Babbage and Orison General in Orison, but medical game play for these hospitals will come later.

The long awaited Constellation Taurus is now here, and with its release the price also went up, it is currently available for 190.00 $, and also 3 different ship p…

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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 2 August

This week in Star Citizen - August 1, 2021

This week in Star Citizen

The Public Test Universe is currently still online after being updated to patch 3.14.0t today, a list of 6 issues remain unpatched but the roll-out of 3.14 to the Persistent Universe is expected for this week!


  • Some players have reported that they are Unable to select a system (may require an account recopy as well as logging fully out of the launcher and logging back in and possibly deleting user folder)
  • Players may experience an infinite load when rejoining the PU after a bed logout
  • Editing PMA After Changing mobiGlas case prevents mobiglas functionality
  • Missiles do not follow flares as a countermeasure
  • Ships are not fully repaired after repairing / refueling them in VMS
  • Fan Made Localizations will not function


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EDBerG316 EDBerG316 26 July

This week in Star Citizen - July 26, 2021

This week in Star Citizen

The Public Test Universe is still live in order to determine the root cause of a critical 30009 error. Additionally the upcoming events Ninetails Lockdown and XenoThreat Incursion are also live on the PTU.


  • Narrative team will publish/update articles on Galactapedia.
    • Aberdeen -
    • Arial -
    • Cellin -
    • Crusader -
    • Daniel Penselin -…
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JMWallace JMWallace 28 May 2020

New Original Music for Star Citizen

So, a small group of us are creating new music and videos specifically for the community.

Hope you like it.

Here's a video and song about "Tessa" with a lot of things you should recognize.

Here's an original song called "Save The Day" - great if you really like classic WHO.

It'll be fun to see if anyone takes "Save The Day" and edits a video to it.

If you'd like to join us in making new videos, check out

ALL of this was just posted... brand new.

Rock on.


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