The Bengal-class Carrier is the UEE’s “tip of the spear.” The iconic Bengal is one of the most powerful warships available to the UEE Navy and its imposing presence has held off raiders and the Vanduul throughout the outer colonies, allowing humanity to spread unchallenged.

Bengals carry multiple squadrons of fighters, bombers and support craft. Their massive armaments and extremely heavy shielding make it nearly impossible for any individual craft to threaten them. Only a combined effort could ever hope to destroy or capture one.[2]

Obtaining a Bengal carrier

You don't have to be outside the law to get the stock Bengals, though. The idea is that we've seeded a couple of them out there in the universe, rendered derelict by a Vanduul (or other) attack. Players can go out there, find them and fix them up. It's basically a conceit to get around the idea that the UEE would never actually let someone have such a ship.

–Ben Lesnick[3]

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