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The Bengal is a upcoming space ship carrier from Roberts Space Industries, it will be capable of carrying a squadron of ships in the hangar and it features two parallel runways that stretch across the entire length of the ship hull.[2] The ship hangar sits directly below the runways and can hold ships the size of a Constellation with multiple ship elevators that transport ships up to the runways.[3][4] The ship features multiple decks that can be traversed over a internal elevator. The offensive capabilities include multiple turrets and missile launchers.

In the Persistent Universe players won't be able to purchase the ship, but will instead find a limited amount of Bengal's in a derelict state that must be repaired and maintained in order to keep them operational.

The Bengal is currently in production and has no announced release date as of 2021.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Armament

The Bengal is fitted with ninety turrets and missile launchers.

  • Ship hangar and runway
  • Other

Default ship loadout[edit | edit source]

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Type Quantity Size Grade Class Manufacturer Model
Type Quantity Size Grade Class Manufacturer Model

Propulsion systems
Type Quantity Size Grade Class Manufacturer Model
Logo Main Thrusters.png Main Thrusters Logo Maneuvering Thrusters.png Maneuvering Thrusters
Quantity Model Quantity Model

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