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The Banu Protectorate is a federal republic of planet-states, each with its own political system, created shortly after their race first came into contact with mankind.

The leaders or the elected representatives of each planet meet in assemblies on the Bacchus system to discuss and debate political and commercial questions which affect the whole species. For the rest, each state is free to choose and to assume alone the successes and failures of its own decisions.


  • Humans:
    Relations with humans are cordial. A peace and trade treaty with the United Empire of Earth has been honored since 2438. During the Messer Era, however, the Protectorate distanced itself from this empire until it reformed. However, despite the restoration of normal commercial relations with him, border disputes sometimes oppose them, because of human criminals who take refuge in the planets-states Banu to escape Advocacy.
  • Xi'an:
    Contacts with the Xi'an`s and their empire are friendly.
  • Vanduuls:
    The Protectorate's relations with the vanduul`s remain peaceful although very precarious, they are established planet by planet, but the greed for profit generally prevails over any loyalty or any bitterness.

Protectorate military forces[]

The Banu are capable of mustering a formidable fighting force when necessary, but they do not have a standing army. Instead, militias maintain peace in each system. These militias organize rotations, calling on volunteers (including criminals) from the various inhabited planets of the system to keep an eye on events occurring in a nearby space. To consider that their approach to law enforcement is quick and light is a mild understatement.

Needless to say, there is a lot of crime in the Protectorate. The almost complete lack of communication between the various planet-states means that criminals can simply travel from world to world when the situation becomes too risky for them.

Since the Advocacy was banned from prosecuting criminals outside the borders of the UEE, the Banu Protectorate has become a haven for human criminals. Indeed, very few of the attempts that have been made to recover these fugitives through official channels have resulted in extradition. This did not stop the most creative officials from sending undercover agents to track down, kidnap and then bring back some of these fugitives into the space of the Human Empire.

Banu Protectorate systems[]

Name UEE Strategic value Jump points
Bacchus system Garron system (medium);Geddon system (large)
Geddon system green Bacchus system (large); Corel system (large); Gliese system (large)
Gliese system Geddon system (large)
Kins system Charon system (small); Kyuk’ya system (large)
Ophos system
Trise system orange Eealus system (medium); La’uo system (large)
Yulin system Banshee system (small);Leir system (medium)




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