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This article is about a character, item or feature that was mentioned in official sources but is not implemented to the Persistent Universe of Star Citizen.
It might be implemented in the future, but a release date is not foreseeable.

The Bacchus system is a Banu Protectorate controlled binary star system, the UEE believes that the homeworld of the Banu civilization is within the system. Revealed to humans in 2439, it has a binary star and three planets and Jump Points to the Garron system and Geddon system.

Many in the UEE believe that Bacchus, a binary star system, contains the Banu's homeword, though, to date, the Banu themselves have not been able to or have chosen not to confirm one way or another. Like with most Banu systems, the trade lanes are always packed with travellers from Banu, Human and Xi'An space. A large permanent flotilla in the system's outer reaches is a popular destination for haulers and traders.

–ARK Starmap




Travel information[]


Bacchus I

A superearth smog planet, very close to the stars with a solar day of about 11 hours. Bacchus II

Bacchus II.png

The only habitable planet and likely the Banu Homeworld. Bacchus III

A massive gas giant

Stellar objects[]

Bacchus Belt Alpha

Space stations[]

Bacchus Flotilla




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