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The Atzkav “Deadeye” Sniper Rifle is a size 3 electron sniper rifle in made by Lightning Bolt Co., it can be modified with size 1 to size 2 underbarrel attachments and size 1 to size 3 optics. The Atzkav “Deadeye” Sniper Rifle was the Imperator subscriber flair in July 2020 and can only be purchased on the subscriber store.[1]

The Atzkav is a unique precision rifle from Lightning Bolt Co. Once the charging handle is engaged, it accurately fires a charged electron to deal significant energy damage that spreads to nearby conductive targets. This special pulse effect also leaves a residual charge in the strike area that increases damage delivered by subsequent electron shots. Alongside the rifle’s special firing capabilities, the Atzkav is best known for its distinct barrel that crackles with energy when powering its next shot.

–July 2950 Subscriber Promotions


Barrel attachments None
Optics attachments
Underbarrel attachments
Magazine or Battery Atzkav Sniper Rifle Magazine (5 cap)




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