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Last update: Alpha 3.15.0

Astro Armada is a spacecraft dealer in Area18 on ArcCorp. The dealership features a small round exhibition platform that showcases a Anvil Hawk.



Name Type Size Price aUEC
100i Starter / Touring Small 654,000
135c Starter / Light Freight Small 839,000
300i Touring Small 767,200
315p Pathfinder Small 882,600
325a Interdiction Small 944,200
350r Racing Small 1,602,100
600i Explorer Expedition Large 9,475,100
600i Touring Touring Large 9,894,000
890 Jump Capital 32,294,500
Arrow Light Fighter Small 972,300
Blade Light Fighter Small 3,370,600
C2 Hercules Starlifter Large 4,925,500
C8X Pisces Expedition Exploration Small 406,000
Carrack Expedition Large 26,657,500
Defender Light Fighter Small 2,781,000
F7C Hornet Medium Fighter Small 1,492,700
F7C-M Super Hornet Medium Fighter Small 2,132,600
F7C-R Hornet Tracker Pathfinder Small 1,832,100
F7C-S Hornet Ghost Stealth Fighter Small 1,654,100
Gladiator Bomber Small 1,954,500
Hawk Light Fighter Small 1,284,400
Hurricane Heavy Fighter Small 1,218,300
Khartu-Al Light Fighter Small 2,113,900
M50 Racing Small 1,193,800
Mustang Delta Light Fighter Small 763,600
Mustang Gamma Racing Small 627,500
P-52 Merlin Snub Fighter Snub 135,500
Prowler Dropship Medium 4,248,200
Razor EX Racing Snub 1,878,800
Razor LX Racing Snub 1,823,800
Terrapin Pathfinder Small 2,568,100
Talon Light Fighter Small 1,854,500
Talon Shrike Light Fighter Small 2,259,200
Valkyrie Military, Industrial Small 4,454,400

Ground vehicles[]

Name Type Price aUEC
Ballista Military 364,500
Nox Racing 349,200
PTV 5,145





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